Taj Pavilian Larnaca

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I an devastated ! My favourite Indian restaurant appears to have closed down. My husband and I thought we would try their newer restaurant in the town centre - but - closed. We then drove to the original restaurant, where we always go, only to find that closed too. Does anyone know if they are on holiday - or is this a permanent closure ? I was hoping they might relocate to Nicosia, so we don't have so far to drive for a wonderful meal.


cyprus-dodger 1254668671

Sorry to tell you Taj closed due to financial difficulties the owner Bruce is believed to have left the island (quickly).


theresa-690024 1254670500

Thankyou Dodger - How sad. I just can't understand how a restaurant serving such excellent food fails, whilst others - often serving mediocre food - continue to thrive. The same thing happened to Byblos in Nicosia. They had shish tawook to die for - but - closed down. Oh well - looks like no korma for me. Shame.
Thanks again.

catwalk 1255351088

Why dont you try Masalas its alot better food and quality, we have been going there for years! I find it alot better than Taj Pavilian to be quite honest!

theresa-690024 1255541092

Thanks Catwalk,
Actually I went to Marsala some years ago and enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Trouble is, I am a chicken korma freak, and for me , Taj was tops for this. I tried another restaurant Ganga ? and it was appalling -- the korma was only edible because I mixed it with my husband's meal.
Perhaps we'll make it back to Marsala some time, as Nicosia is useless , and I love (good ) Indian food.

catwalk 1255705693

You should defo got back to Masalas the food is even better now! The Kormas are also great! Hey last time i was there i saw Peter Andre there having a meal!

theresa-690024 1255734323

I'll probably give it a whirl then - although as regards Peter Andre - hope his taste in food is better than his taste in women.

CoupeBabe 1256068009

I also vote for Masalas !!!

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