Terra Mare

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Can anyone tell me if the Terra Mare restaurant in Limassol is still open please?


dhou201 1443472144

Yes the Terra Mare is open for events and Mamas restuarant is open at all times and is

excellent.  This Friday 2nd Oct the Limassol Coeur de Lion Lions Club is celebrating its30th anniversary by having a dinner dance at Terra Mare. 25 euros plus drink . We have an

entertainer. Mamas is giving us a really good price for wines etc. It will be a really great

fun evening. Food will be excellent.  Please join us by telephoning Jean 99 853119,

The evening starts at 7.30pm.

Dingbat-695890 1443534136

So is TerraMare only open for events now, not lunch or evening meals? I must admit it always looks closed which is sad because i liked going there

dhou201 1443543882

Yes Terra Mare just for events, making hotels all inclusive has ruined it for many

places. However, the owner  Mamas still has a lovely restaurant which is open

everyday called Mamas and is near Esso garage on  sea front heading towards

Limassol from Terra Mare. Jean

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