Tesco have no plans to come to Cyprus

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I have received the following reply to my e-mail from Tesco headquarters after hearing a rumour that they might be coming to CyprusI appreciate you enquiring us if we are opening a store in Cyprus.I'm sorry that there is no plan to open stores in Cyprus at the moment, as per our Global Stores Directory. The nearest country where we have our stores is Turkey. If we at all plan to open a store in Cyprus, this would be communicated in the Global directory.Please accept my apologies on behalf of Tesco for any disappointment this may cause and thank you for contacting us.


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Howcome there is a Tesco Express in Larnaca then??

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the tesco express in larnaca is not a proper one!! in fact they only bring a few tesco branded items. most of the other stuff you can find in any local corner shop

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