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Hello. Can anyone tell me if there are any vegan food stores and or restaurants in Limassol. Also, are there any vegan groups that meet in Limassol? Thanks in anticipation.


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I am afraid Limassol is a meat zone. I too would love a vegan or veggie eatery. in Nicosiabthere is Inga's Veggie Heaven - really friendly, and yourdog is welcome. Alas we are in the stone age in Limassol. Ana-Maria has a vegan group - she is lovely, but againnin Nicosia. I wanted to start something called The Dog Spot at my place near Limassol, where people could chill under the stars with their dog and wine and cruelty-free food. I'd still like to do it. 


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so if you know a few cruelty-free souls, this can be done. it's a dream for me, music, stars, wine, cool air, dogs and cruelty-free are welcomento email me.




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Although not vegan ourselves, we have vegan and vegetarian friends and we enjoy the occasional vegan dishes. We also cook a lot of strictly vegetarian dishes because we enjoy them.

We've vegan friends visiting soon, and I was looking for places in Limassol that might be useful. I've no idea how up-to-date the website information is, but despite the website name, there are a couple of places mentioned on:

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