What constitutes touting?

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Recently I went to Michaels Tavern in Erimi.  I have been going there for nearly 20 years off and on, but had not been for some time due to a bereavement.  Turning off the Old Paphos road in The middle of Erimi I had gone barely 100 metres when a smiling chap waved and indicated a newish Taverna to me.  Friends in  the car following thought it was Michaels and on reflection, it was clearly an attempt to tout traffic en route to Michaels Tavern.  I spoke to friends about this, one of whom had mistakenly gone there having assumed it must be Michaels; they reported that the food was nowhere near the standard expected. So beware, Michaels is about 300 metres down the road.  He never touts and the food is excellent.  Don't be fooled by poor imitations!


Loubychew 1377868923

Sounds like they ended up at Ouzeraki Taverna. Andreas waves to everyone and I seriously doubt that he was intentionally trying to tout for business on the way to Michael's. I drive up that road every day, as do many who live in Erimi.

Graham S 1377872161

Yes, sounds like Andy - and I agree, he would never ever try deliberately to divert custom away from Michael's or anywhere else. FWIW, I've always found the Ouzeraki's food unfailingly excellent, while I have experienced a couple of not-so-good evenings at Michaels. Just my opinion.....

Loubychew 1377888064

Indeed Graham, I have had some lovely nights at Ouzeraki. A lovely place. 

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