Where can i get English bacon/sausages?

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Hi can anyone tell me where i can buy english bacon and sausages in the Larnaca area? Regards


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Just about every single supermarket - for example Sarris, Stelios, Metro, Orphanides, Lidl, even Carrefour. Or at Chris Mini Mart in Larnaka Municipal Car Park, and the deli /supermarket opposite to it. Cheapest way to buy UK-style sausages is often the individually-frozen, by-the-kilo bags, starting at around 2.8 euros per kilo

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Yes, there are many places.  Another is the freezer shop which is straight across from Carrefour at the lights, where it is found just on the right. It says "seafood' but does bacon, sausages, saveloys, battered fish, NZ lamb joints, pies and various other bits not commonly found. They also do whelks, a favourite of mine and not commonly found and all the ingredients for sushi.

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Thanks for your replies. The freezer shop opposite carrefour, Can you explain where it is if you are coming down the dual carraigeway with carrefour on your right?


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the shop has moved to the Dekalia road



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Hi KitKat1303

You can get fresh English bacon, not frozen, in Chillys on the Dhekelia Road. I find it's the best and nice and thick as well. The smoked one is our favourite. It comes in fresh on a Thursday. Chilly's is not far from the Palm Beach Hotel on the other side of the road.

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Nearly all the supermarkets etc sell 'fresh' (not frozen) bacon. Either sliced for you while you wait or vacuum packed.

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