Where can I get Turkey breast joints

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We used to be able to get Turkey joints from Carrefours but they haven't had any for quite a while. I have tried to find out if they are getting new stock but don't seem to be able to get any sense from them. Does anyone know anywhere in the Limassol area where we could get these? Please reply to here or my email sheilamwarwickm@hotmail.co.uk or txt to 99370382. Thankyou


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You could try Debenhams. We are always able to get them in Larnaca? As you say Carrefour always had them but you can't get them anymore. Good luck.

nits 51 1377368666

hi there you can get them from wellfoods,in limassol,you go to macarios round about,where the courts are,you go  towardsst nickolas church and you keep going straight ,straightup that road,and its on the right side of the road,you go quiet away,so dont think you will miss it,as long as you keep going,its a good shop,it does lots of things.regards.nits


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