Where can we buy Vegemite?

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Can anyone tell me where we might be able to buy 'Vegemite'from in Paphos? Thanks in advance :)


AndrewMoni 1336635911

Isn't 'vegemite' the australian version of Marmite?? If so then Marmite can be bought in most places including Carrefour.

MelM 1336643402

Thanks for your help :) Yet they are not at all the same, its like comparing apples to oranges :) In my travels I have spotted the UK marmite yet no vegemite, thank goodness we havnt ran out yet! :)

(FYI, UK Marmite is different to OZ Marmite, UK one has a runny consistancy where the OZ one is firm :)

alpineA610 1341936156

Hi there, reading your problem why not try MERIDIAN natural yeast extract its the best thing or nearest to vegemite we have found. You can pick it up from Alfa mega.

John-Smith-907890 1503567666

You can always get Vegemite online too. The Australian Food Shop sell it, plus a tonne of other Aussie foods. You can find them at www.theaustralianfoodshop.com . They post from Australia and it normally arrives in less than a week. 

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