Where is Iceland ?

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mrs mopp



from Limassol highway, how do you get there ? is it any good ?


maggiemou 1260386655

If you are meaning the new shop that calls itself Iceland it is Episkopi village opposite Lytiossi supermarket. It is not worth the visit! It is not what it appears. All it is is another shop selling frozen food and most of it not Iceland. They have maybe six tall freezers but the food inside is NOT Iceland apart from one freezer which does have some Iceland food found in any supermarket in Limassol or Paphos. The rest of the shop is selling a few Waitrose goods and the rest is CLEANING and TOILETORIES. I ask you in Iceland toiletories and cleaning materials. Forget it!

mrs mopp 1260386818

thanks for the info, wont bother seeking it out. :))

tikka-664777 1260390491

Sorry, I'm afraid I dont agree with maggiemou. I was in on Monday & all but one freezer was full of a good range of iceland products. Although I have to add people were quickly filling their baskets & the freezers were becoming empty fast, probably due to the special offer they have of 1+1 free. I only popped in for a quick look as my freezer is full at the moment, but wil be going back to shop soon. A good idea would be to try & find out which days they get their deliveries, to be sure the fridges are not empty.

maggiemou 1260392357

I was there on Monday afternoon 7/11/209 two days ago. Not much to show of Iceland products what so ever. Plus to say they call it Iceland is very misleading as I said in my earlier report the shop had more cleaning materials that can be found in any supermarket and would never ever be found in real Iceland. I expected to see a shop full of Iceland products and nothing else. It is no different to any other supermarket. Not worth the visit unless you are there for some other reason.

What will be good in Episkopi will be the frozen fish market that is situated at the moment in Yerouskipou near paphos. it is relocating to opposite the Episkopianna Hotel in February next year. Great for frozen fish of all kinds.

doodlepoodle 1260436566

Hi there, I agree with maggiemou too. I was really disappointed and was in and out very quickly. I would say that chilly's is worth a look, my freezer is stocked with stuff from there. They have excellent cumberland sausages and pork and black pudding ones too. Brilliant selection of Quorn products. My freezer is now full of quorn, sausages, lamb shanks, lamb chops, chicken breasts etc, definately my choice of freezer shop. As for the Iceland if its not too far for you to visit I would go as everyones taste is different and might suit.

Sunday-678047 1260438115

Hi doodlepoodle

Can you tell me where Chilly's is please, I'm in Limassol.

Thank you in advance

PEDS111 1260825138

Yes please I would like to know where Chillys is

doodlepoodle 1260837439

Hi there, come off highway at Mesa Geitonia exit (super home centre) go down to 2nd set of traffic lights (Makedonias) and go straight through them. On the left hand side you will see the large grey building which is the bowling alley (old luna park). Chilly's is just a little bit further down on the left hand side.

AndrewMoni 1260891775

Chilly's is on the right, not the left!!

doodlepoodle 1260892694

Thanks for correction, it was late and brain not working properly, most probably thinking of where I usually park my car!

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