where to buy rattatoue in paphos

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hi all , trying to find tins of rattatue, as i was given one a while back and liked it so much, simon


DavidClark-715764 1412589570

I've been here nearly 20 years and have never seen tins of ratatouille here, even in good delis like Gina's.  The nearest thing you could buy are the large flat tins of mixed vegetables in olive oil.  Paps etc sell them.

Ratatouille is actually very easy to make, esp as it only contains the fresh veg you find in Cyprus.  Check out the BBC Food site for recipes.

Good luck!

Marie-663566 1412892847

You can buy tins of ratatouille at the eastern end of the island (extremely cheap at for example shops such as Ice Queen in Kapparis) so I'd be surprised if they aren't stocked anywhere in the west.

However nothing matches making it fresh from the abundance of cheap high quality vegetables available in Cyprus :-)

In comparison tinned versions, no matter how exclusive or expensive, are, in our opinion, a very very poor substitute.

Builder Boy 1412899185

You can buy tins of Waitrose ratatouille in either Papantoniou or Spirou (I bought some a while back but can't be certain which one of the two it was).

wasntme-899527 1414057840

Lidl, they do it as part of their Italian week.


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