Which supermarkets offer online shopping?

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Does anyone know which supermarkets offer online banking and how much do they charge for delivery?


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Online Banking or online shopping? If its online shopping you mean unfortunately none supermarket or any other shop offer that in Cyprus.

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You can shop for groceries online in Cyprus at:

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Sorry, at:


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I'm digging up old threads here but I think people will find these usefull!

I think the only working online supermarket right now is www.cheapbasket.com.cy I've tried them before- quite useful for 'bulk' items like cleaning up products and quantities of water/softdrinks etc. Their stated delivery times are unreliable though, so I'm a bit hesitant to order again (they said morning, I stayed home but they came in the afternoon after all..)

www.verydeli.net I haven't tried this yet, from what I understand it's for more 'delicatessen' stuff. A friend of mine uses it quite often, haven't heard any complaints - but I think they deliver to Nicosia only...

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Try www.supermarketcy.com.cy.

they have everything you need. Also you can choose the day and the specific 2 hour timeslot you want your groceries to be delivered. And the best thing is  free of charge.

there are two payment methods , cash on delivery and with Visa JCC payment.



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But they only deliver to Nicosia area


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Dear friend there is oneuserfriently and very  cheap supermarket online at www.cyprus-supermarket.com. I use it for now 6 months and it has free delivery around the island

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i've tried odelo.com.cy. its nationwide and has everything i wanted, even proper sausages!!!! loved it and its hassel free. proper english service too.

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have you looked at  taste of england deli they have web site and free delivery to some areas  spending over € 20.00 ,  now based in limassol .


www.tasteofenglanddeli.com     for anyone wanting to look .

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Hasfree delivery at you door

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