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I had a really good meal in Yankees Restaurant the other evening.  There is a varied menu and I had the 1/4 chicken baby rack ribs, fries and coleslaw and I was served the biggest meal on the biggest plate I have ever seen.  The food was excellent, ribs full of meat and fell off the bones, chicken was tender, huge portion of fries, I couldn't eat it all.  The onion rings were extra and were  the curly wurly ones and they were delicious.  The staff were very attentive and the food was piping hot.  The meal was 13.99 euros, onion rings were extra.  If you have a good appetite and like American style eateries then thoroughly recommend Yankees. The burgers were excellent and were real burgers       -   Karen            

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Does anyone know somewhere in Nicosia I can buy Indian breads such as chappatis, naan, and parothas?

started by: northern boy-684044 · last update: 1352452655 · posted: 1350110801

Hi can anybody reccomend any resturants in paphos that offer good veggie options?my wife is veggie but myself and son are not,so more often than not my wife has very limited choices if any.Any suggestions where we can all enjoy a meal ?many thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy dried green peas in the Larnaca area?  

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Hi, Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Cyprus that stocks the boxes of coffee pods for a Krups Nescafe Dulco Gusto coffee machine? At present I am having to bring them over from the UK.  

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Does any one please know of an italian deli in Larnaca, Ncosia or Limassol where they sell say fresh pesto sauce etc.

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Can anyone suggest a good place for Christmas lunch in the Limassol area (Med Beach Hotel is shut Christmas).  We have a two year old and a seven year old, so it has to be child friendly!

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Hi looking to rent a mobile catering van or truck anybody know of one available? Must be in good condition. Please email me at  linamicheals@gmail.com  Thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know anywhere in Limassol where you can buy nestle toffee crisp chocolate bars? my pregnant wife has a craving for them and was wondering whether you could get them on the island as she has not seen any in the shops she has been in. Thanks.

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Hi,   I am a chef at a soon to be opened fine dining restaurant in Limassol. We are looking to source certain somewhat difficult to find ingredients...namely preserved lemons (salted not sugared), candied Kumquats (Kumquats in a sugar syrup) and Lavender dried. These thre things are a bit more difficult to find than one might imagine...we are looking to buy such items in bulk on a monthly basis so if you know of anybody who can supply this for us I would love to hear from you. Many thanks Anthony 99120568

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Anyone know of good indian restaurant in Limassol area - apart from Raj next to Drifters??? Are we really down to just this one following the closure of Calcutta and Taste of India?? Am dying for a decent Indian - but where ......?????

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I just got myself a lovely Senseo coffee machine. (Or rather my friends got me half of it as a birthday present and I got the other half because I really, really wanted one.) Except I only realised after I'd gotten it that I have no idea where to find the appropriate coffee pods. So far I've looked for them at E&S and Debenhams and my boyfriend looked for them at Alpha-Mega but they are nowhere to be found! Any ideas on where we can find them?

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Does anyone have any experience in using these new type of coffee machines that use capsules. There seems to be so many different ones on the market now....some say each box of capsules contain one for coffee and one for milk and yet others say you need a separate milk frothing machine.  I am totally confused.

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Believe it !! Any Kebab from Chicken to Pork or srumptious Sieftalies or any combination in a Pitta served at the restaurant for only 5 euro. Included in that price comes complimentery Melon (summer season) or cake. All their kebabs are delicious!! I wasnt sure whether to make this public or keep it to myself as I am sure they will put the prices up .  Well done Gorgona for giving us a regular cheap night out during this recession ! I hope other restaurants follow suit !! Location: Between ''Lush'' and ''Koo''. 

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Does anyone think an English fish and chip shop would do any good in Pissouri?.Thanks

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Hi can any-one tell me where i can find malt vinagar in 4lt containers in Limassol would be good.

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Hi Does anyone know whatever happened to Danny’s Lebanese restaurant in Mesa Getonia, Limassol? Are there any other Lebanese places in Limassol worth trying? Cheers.  

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Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of any stores in Nicosia that sell Citric Acid and Rennet. I am making cheese and I can tfind any. Thanks,Pet

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Just for fun, which is the cheapest supermarket . With best offers and value for money.

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Does anyone know a company who hire Chocolate Fountains for large parties?   dodger

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