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Does anyone know where I can buy black pudding in kiti or larnaca thanks davy mac

started by: mayfly-680571 · last update: 1347366932 · posted: 1300729197

Has anybody come across a Hog Roast or Lamb Roast in Cyprus? We are planning a party for about 100 people, and would like to have a Hog Roast, together with an experienced person to attend to it, so that we can enjoy the party!Any suggestions would be very welcome - Thankyou

started by: abaker-666127 · last update: 1346769661 · posted: 1345732079

Can anyone tell me where I can find Fat Free Fromage Frais and Quark preferably in Limassol? If not Limassol anywhere else on the island? Thanks.

started by: LewisS-740166 · last update: 1346685144 · posted: 1346242983

I have recently used a new Take-away delivery service called Dial-a-Dinner! It was the third time last night that i used them and so far i can't get enough!!!!! As far as i know they do deliveries from up to 10 restaurants around the Paphos area! When asked where they deliver to they replied they deliver to peyia, tala, chloraka and kissonerga! I can understand this limited number of locations because of it being only a small start up they want to make sure they provide a professional service! They have free packs with the menus of all the restaurants they deal with as well as instructions on how to place your order! As far as i know you pick your menu, choose the dishes, ring Dial-a-Dinner and then place your order! They will then ring when they are leaving the restaurant with your order to let you know they are on their way! (I found this quite unique) Prices are very reasonable as well! If you have used them please leave a little reply to say what you think!!!

started by: Josie11-719950 · last update: 1346344922 · posted: 1345561274

Does anyone know where can get a Christening Cake a bit cheaper than in the usual local bakeries? I wonder if there is anyone who makes them at home? If you know of something would really appreciate advice. Thanks!

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Can any-one tell us where we can buy rock salmon ( huss,dog fish )

started by: alpineA610 · last update: 1345827796 · posted: 1344847825

Can any-one come up with the best place to have a really roast dinner with all the trimmings.

started by: jonna-672837 · last update: 1345720981 · posted: 1345720981

I heard there is a place/company in Cyprus where you can by Evian and Vittel bottled water for wholesale prices. Would anybody now the name/contact details of this place/company. Thanks.

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We just came back from an excellent experience at 1001 Night Syrian restaurant in Dekelia Road (going towards Dekelia power station, it's on your right before Mariandy hotel. It's opposite KFC restaurant) Wanderful food and atmosphere there with friendly staff and good prices. Definitely will go again!!! Thanks Tony for the night! Paolo

started by: Cypruswez · last update: 1345475149 · posted: 1344614523

Where can I find spring roll pastry? Carrefour seem to no longer stock it. My dear friend who makes them for me has run out and I miss her delicious spring rolls...... Limassol district please. Thanks, (feeling hungry already).

started by: TH-668388 · last update: 1345454877 · posted: 1342015394

Hi we are looking for a venue for an Xmas party for 70 to 80 people any ideas please?

started by: alpineA610 · last update: 1345300093 · posted: 1345191528

Hi can any one tell me where the english shop is in limassol, that does the gammoon joints pork pies cut meats ect at the flee market limassol.

started by: libertyx · last update: 1345195746 · posted: 1344271853

Has anyone tried Kalimera India opposite Rio Cinema? It's got 4 good and recent reviews on Tripadvisor but has else tried it? If so, what's your feedback?

started by: sunshine66-673753 · last update: 1344963522 · posted: 1223028348

hi every body. i am missing certain food from the uk and i am wondering if you are to. jaffa cakes, clotted cream,pork pies(the real ones)bacon,condiments ect.so i was wondering if a person said to you. hi im a genie and i can grant you a wish of any food you like from the UK what would you ask for. be happy

started by: isamar · last update: 1344937476 · posted: 1344853435

I have came across an offer of Chillys and I thought that there wasn't any in Larnaca but on their website is says there is one in Larnaca too, but the address and the map is so confusing. Let me know if anyone knows.

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HI, I went to MR GUYS, thai restuarant.last week ,aki near the bases.Great food and not expensive. Set menu,for 2 with free bottle of wine.30uros.

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Does someone know where can buy alcohol free red wine in nicosia?

started by: 15demokratias · last update: 1344523809 · posted: 1329343958

Hi Everyone Just wanted feedback again regarding opening an Indian Restaurant in Limmosol. What do you think about the ZAKAKI AREA ? Regards

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Hi there does anybody know where to get hollands pies from here in cyprus.thanks..

started by: sklene · last update: 1344005803 · posted: 1343136110

Hi do you use this milk anyone??? I was wondering if is good. It much cheaper then the rest so i dont know...

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