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What has happened to the usual and delicious Cyprus potato crop? I visited so many places today to buy some but they were all grey and horrible looking.

started by: JohnM-666482 · last update: 1343136950 · posted: 1343136950

I'd pay a small premium over regularly-refrigerated soft drinks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j07SweYJTSM

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One thing I miss in Cyprus is a good farmers market. A place with locally produced goods, food, crafts, cakes and breads etc. Two ideas.....maybe somebody knows of one already, or maybe you guys are out there producing things and there is no good farmers market. If there is interest, perhaps we could organise it. I am based in limassol. Thanks, Michelle

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Could anyone help me I am looking at moving to Cyprus, could you please tell me if there are cheap supermarkets there. how much is pork, beef, sausages etc, how much is electric, and how much is a bottle of beer and how much are cigarettes, I currently live in turkey which is proving to be expensive here, so this is why i want an urgent cost comparison

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do you recommend any good fish tavern with fresh quality fish in pissouri?thanks

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Hi Can anyone recommend any good thai restaurants in Larnaca.Thanks

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Hi, could anyone please recommend a good, fairly-priced Cypriot red wine? Thanks!

started by: tbert · last update: 1340879657 · posted: 1331379584

Just got back from the fleamarket by the waterpark and discovered a german foodstall there. Had my first curreywurst in years. Just like the ones we had in Germany. They also have the shnizels with the mushroom sauce and fricadelas. Must say really enjoyed it as it brought back all the goood memories. Its called kazzys curreywurst just by the entrance.

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does anyone know where i can buy non alcoholic champagne in cyprus???

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I don't work for this company- its really the brainchild of two lovely ladies Rena and Marina- but they only opened recently and they teach greek cypriot cuisine. It took me ages to find something like this but it was well worth the money and effort- we cooked in Rena's kitchen in Strovolos and it was great. You can find them at www.yummycyprus.com or call Rena on 99494399 to set up a time. They do one on one sessions or group things if thats what you want.

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Hi, In the past few months I have noticed that Cyprus has gone the way of Spain. In three separate instances they have charged me €6 for the village salad which is always presented, as standard with the village bread, free of charge in the past. This has been evident in frequent visits to 2 restaurants in Larnaca and one in Avgorou ( my village taverna). I questioned this charge and had it taken off the bills as it was not asked for.....as it was always presented before the order without charge in the past. The inlaws who frequently visit Spain said recently that the bread was now being charged for (without being requested with the order as it was always free of charge at the beginning of the meal in the past) at €4 each time. They subsequently refuse the bread at every meal as it is now the norm to charge for previously free of charge suppliments....even though they still present it with the meal without request! I checked the bill the last time i went out to a taverna in Leopetri and noticed that the salad (and bread) was not charged for so i assume this isn't widespread practice.........YET! Just make sure that you are not being charged for previously free of charge suppliments such as bread and village salad with your meals as I would hate to see Cyprus follow the desparation of Spain. Regards, Justin

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I have some Kefir milk grains available for free. If you are interested, give me a shout on 99040636. I am based in Tala.

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Hey guys, anyone knows contact details for Maramenos restaurant? It is located in Agia Paraskevi , Kalo Chorio (Limassol district). Got positive comments about food & location. Thanks for the info

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Hi could anybody tell me if the euro store in Paphos will be open on Saturday as its easter ? Or their phone no ? Many thanks

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Been to Sophie's today for Sunday Lunch and it was the best roast we have had for a long time. The choice of starters and main just amazing and you are spoilt for choice on what desert you want .The service was spot on and never felt rushed.Well done to the new owner's and staff we will become regulars

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I have recently visited Ibsen International Culture Club/cafe in Limassol ( just behind Diomedes take away) and was pleasantly surprised as it has been totally renovated and have a new owner too. They have home made cakes , afternoon cream teas with scones , sandwiches etc, salads, good selection of teas and coffees and drinks.It is open Mon to Sat. Well worth a visit.

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Hi, Does anyone know where to buy stem ginger in a jar in Episkopi / Kolossi / west Limassol area ? Thanks JoHo

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Does anyone know where where my Irish friend and I can get a nice cold DRAUGHT GUINNESS in the Larnaca area pref Along the front or the Dhekelia Road Many thanks patcon.

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hi i live in coral bay and would like an indian take away does anyone have a number pls

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The Tochni Heritage is a great new place in Tochni village. They've got a "dish of the day"to enjoy every evening for the football. Recommended.

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