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My son has recommended that I start eating Japanese food. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and this food is supposedly good for these things he tells me.I wonder if anyone knows of a good place in Larnaca that serves it and if you could recommend which raw fish tastes less bad that would be good too! Thanks.

started by: head_manager · last update: 1474624565 · posted: 1474624565

For immediate employmentQualified Chef/ chef assist/Waiters are wanted ‪#‎Limassol‬ Cyprus.Restaurant is located in tourist area Limassolplease send your details/ CV at info_restaurant@yahoo.com

started by: Daniel H · last update: 1473669778 · posted: 1473109628

Hi,I am wondering if anyone knows of a Lebanese restaurant anywhere on the south coast? Obviously if you've tried it and can vouch for it that would be even better. Thank you in advance.

started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1471413966 · posted: 1471413966

I would really like to learn how to properly make some local traditional cuisine, does anyone know of anyone who does cookery classes?

started by: Bertie Mac · last update: 1470038866 · posted: 1469185785

Thought I'd ask this question just so as I don't have to go hunting; where can I buy Heinz salad cream in Larnaca?My darling grandchildren are demanding it.

started by: Barbara-Paul-862057 · last update: 1467123211 · posted: 1467123211

We like to try different restaurants/cafes when we are out and about, and were wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places in Limassol. Not looking for fancy, just good local food and service at a reasonable price.

started by: kimandy · last update: 1463656294 · posted: 1463656294

Hi, does anyone know where I can source pizza boxes, I make pizzas in our snack bar, and want to expand to take away. Suppliers in Larnaca or Limassol preferred. Thank you. 

started by: wasntme-899527 · last update: 1461643470 · posted: 1418763791

Hi All, I know there was a slightly heated debate/thread reference the cost of food and drink in Cyprus againt sthe price in the UK, well I thought I would just update the people who thought Cyprus was cheaper. We have just arrivd back to visit family over Christmas and its unbelivable how cheap food and drink is. We are in the middlands not London but we are also eating out in the sticks at some very nice places (carpets, heating, music in the toilets, ha ha ha) We have had Indian meals 3 courses for £10 and very nice. Pub food gammon, or steak or fish all with chips, peas salad and a FREE pint! £8 As for shopping, any veg you want for 49p massive sweede, pasnips, sprouts, etc etc and very good quality. Loaf of bread 45p, pork scratchings 50grm 35p and to die for. Quality beef joints £3.99 a KG (and i mean quality) Pork loin joints with crackling £2.99 a KG Back backon £5 a Kg and the list goes on. As for the freezer shops (junk food) they are undelivable, 4 chicken pies 89p, 20 sausage rolls 89p, pizzas with meat and cheese under a £1, they also have some good food like minced lamb, beef or chicken for £2.80 a kg, lamb chump chops £3.99 a Kg, Salmon slices 4 for a pound!! OK a lot of its junk but people need cheap food when they are in hard times, deffinatly a market for this style of food in Cyprus and not just for the skint ex pats but a lot of Cypriots are feeling the pinch. I had a 16oz Rump steak with "Fresh" chips, grilled tomatoes onion rings, peas and side salad for £10, mustard, horseradish sauce and a great crispy bun. My pint is averaging £3, the maximum I've paid is £3.25 for carling/fosters and the lowest has been £2.65 but I have not been in a city centre discount pub yet, update to follow. I rest my origanal case that Cyprus prices are too high and the closed shop system encourages it.

started by: Malcolm · last update: 1461305374 · posted: 1460728949

Is Masalas the only Indian restaurant in Larnaca...?????

started by: Demetra-665653 · last update: 1459060438 · posted: 1426517506

Hi does anyone know of an Asian store in Cyprus which sells food/drinks/teas?  As much detail as possible would be appreciated!   Thanks

started by: Chrystalo · last update: 1456682168 · posted: 1456610685

Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy Tapioka starch (flour) in Nicosia? Thanks

started by: Graham S-661639 · last update: 1451733147 · posted: 1451733147

Hi all Anyone know of a shop in the Limassol area that stocks nushroom ketchup? I can get it sent here easily, but I'd rather pop out & buy it locally if I can. It's not on the shelves of Carrefour, Alpha Mega or Papantoniou's (or if it is I've missed it!) Cheers and thanks Graham

started by: nedbarb · last update: 1450462816 · posted: 1333709531

We are looking for a butcher that does an English style gammon joint (not smoked) about 2 or 3 klg. We have been all over the place, but cannot find an unsmoked one anywhere. Can anyone help. We live in Limassol so somewhere close would be helpful. In advance.Many thanks

started by: kathmay99 · last update: 1449472463 · posted: 1449419243

any idea where i can buy a jar of mincemeat for mince pies limassol area if possible thanks kath

started by: pc49-661910 · last update: 1448636144 · posted: 1438020181

Does anyone know where I can get "Sage & Onion Stffing (Preferably PAXO) but any will do! In the Larnaca Area? thanks regards   Irene. 

started by: christina.orphanidou@cytanet.com.cy · last update: 1448527875 · posted: 1447929429

Hello everyone, I am looking for a place selling fresh (or even frozen) english sausages and pot pies in Larnaca Area. Do you happen to know one?   Thank You Chris

started by: Mahogany · last update: 1445970183 · posted: 1445899307

Where can I buy gluten free bread in Limassol?

started by: andysjor · last update: 1445444057 · posted: 1445444057

Hiya Does anyone know where I can  purchase Hendersons Relish in the Paphos area ?? Cheers

started by: Lillybeth · last update: 1444925679 · posted: 1444672171

Can anyone advise me? I'm looking for a wholesaler for baking ingredients. I am moving to Paphos area shortly and I am a baker. I attend markets/farmers markets so would like to buy butter sugar flour etc at wholesale price if possible! Any suggestions very welcome

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We are planning a small christening celebration which will take place on a Saturday or Sunday in Limassol - we havent set the date so are flexible. The christening party will be quite small around 20-25 people. We prefer a private area rather than sit in a restaurant with other customers having lunch / dinner. Considering the party size, I believe this will be quite difficult, however perhaps a venue or restaurant that offers a private room for smaller celebrations would be ideal. We tried hotels and they are flexible for lunches with our size but their venue and meal fees are crazy. Any recommendations?

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