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Hi, Can anyone recommend where to go for a good steak in Limassol? Thanks Liz

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Hey,I know there is loads of Japanese restaurants here in Limassol, but does any of them serve good ramen? One place we once went to, The Garden of Zen was the name I believe, didn't serve any ramen, so I was pretty disappointed. I just so miss a nice bowl of beer or chicken ramen.

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Hi Moved from the UK to live in Cyprus 12 months ago. Generally happy with everything, except i am missing certain items of food that are available in the UK, but don't seem to be available in Cyprus. These are creme fraiche, fromage frais, double cream, dried mushrooms (porcini, shitaki etc), vanilla pods and golden caster sugar. Does anyone know if or where these can be purchased? I live in the Paralimni area of Eastern Cyprus. Regards Will Harrison

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Today we went to Lady's Mile beach and fancied something to eat. Looking through the menu, we noticed a botttle of whisky EUR 54.50!!!!!!! (A bottle of Johnnie Walker is 9.99 in the shop). A bottle of ouzo was a mind-blowing EUR 28.50!!!! (Don't know the shop price but probably peanuts). This was at one of the shack-like establishments. Is anyone daft enough to pay these prices?

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Hello. My husband and I are trying to undertake a lifestyle change. Are there any raw foodists on the island. Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. It is difficult to get started. However, where there is a will there is a way. Thank you for reading.

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Hi I've just moved to the Ledra street area of Nicosia and can't seem to find a place to do a little grocery shopping... Am I searching in vain?Thanks

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Can anyone tell me anywhere these elusive berries can be purchased? I did manage to get them once!! from the Phillipos supermarket in Pegeia, nearly 2yrs ago! I have been back a couple of times since, and they are no where to be found. Cranberries yes blueberries no I have checked everywhere and its hopeless! I have seen them recently fresh in Carrefour in Limassol but a tiny punnet not big enough to fill a teacup was nearly 5 Euro! they also had a few packets of the dried variety but 100g cost the ridiculous price of 6.83Euro! The frozen ones were much better value and ideal for making muffins! They have loads of different frozen berries in the various supermarkets but NOT BLUEBERRIES!! Any suggestions?

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I am wondering if people in Cyprus would be interesting in a healthy food stores? The store which would provide costumers with a healthy products such as herbal teas,herbal oils, spices, soya milk, soya meat, cookies for the ones who have diabetes etc. In this kind of a store people would be able to buy most of the products on measurements. please, every kind of a comment is wellcome. poljubac021@hotmail.com

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Help! my husband has just called to say he has a business client to take out for dinner this evening. It's a monday, and everywhere I can think of seems to shut monday!! He wants somewhere 'authentic and villagey' to have Meze. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Joy oh joy, have managed to find Carte Noir coffee in Paphos. Available at a very reasonable price at UK Direct in Chloraka Paphos. Opposite small Orphanides Store. UK Directs have a wish list and will try and obtain goods from the UK if requested. This shop is well worth a visit. Robbie Thanks for getting the coffee in

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would like to take the family plus visitors somewhere for good traditional meze and poss a place that has trad music as well...any suggestions?

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Im am looking at the moment in Limassol for some one who can make wedding cake topper, does anyone know some one who makes these or even a very talent artist who could make them? Thanks

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Does anyone know of someone who can make biscuits and cake that don't have eggs or milk in them. It is my childs birthday soon, and i'd rather not sit and make everything by hand!

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I was wondering if there's new restaurants that are /will be opening soon

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Help! Does anyone know what has happened to Country Kitchen? We went there last week to stock up the freezer with Steak & Kidney and Chicken pies only to find the shop closed down. If they are no longer in business can anyone recommend somewhere selling same quality pies, quiches, scotch eggs, cakes etc etc, preferably in the Limassol area? Their pastry was to die for and the pies froze really well which was an added bonus.

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Our Daughter has just been over here to Cyprus for her Wedding. It was decided to have a "U.K Type Reception" in our home town of Larnaca. My wife and I organised it from this end and we consulted with our daughter and future son-in-law from the outset to the finish. There were 75 guests ( 15 from Cyprus and 60 from the UK) We hired a restaurant in "The McKenzie area" that provided 5 waiters - Table drink service - all the Food (Self Help Buffet)and Drink (From 7-30pm to 2 am) the restaurant was decorated, we hired table cloths - chair covers and had a terrific U.K Disco.The total cost of evening cost us € 4, 400 Euros. The evening is still being talked about in Larnaca. If anyone is considering a similar "Do" Then Look no further! We can provide photo's and verbal recommendation's if you require them Contact............... Patcon.

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I just noticed this store across from Lysiotis today. It isnt open yet but the signage is up for Iceland Direct. Does anyone know anything about it? I know curiosity killed the cat but i'm a dog person anyway ;)

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Would like to recommend a Creperie that i often visit and order for Delivery.Fantastic Crepes both sweet and Savoury.In Larnaca in Aradhippou village near St. Loukas Church.or simple call 24 669691 for more information

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Hi all those who had wrote in about Lidl opening in Limassol, any further info? am most intrigued as to what sort of products etc this firm has and are they much cheaper than the big supermarkets?? any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Where are the nearest drinking water machines to Mandria ? ( near airport ). Can anyone help please ?

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