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Are there any ?

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Hi all, just wanted to let you know of a bar that we have found in Paphos. Serves food and drink at very reasonable prices and the staff are very friendly! It is called The Welcome Inn and is opposite the small Orphanides just off Tomb Of The Kings road. I have the card so if anyone wants the number or actual address then please message via here. - Many thanks

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We went to a really nice Sushi take away place opposite the amreican academy in larnaca, its right opossite the car park next to the photographer i THINK IST CALLED oISHI oISHI The food was lovely I actualy had a hot dish and I love how they put it in those small american style boxes. I recomend it for any one to go and try.My husband tried the sushi platter and loved it.

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I have been searching for somewhere to Hire Tables-Chairs-tablecloths, seat covers and catering equipment for the past 2 years and have found a family run , inexpensive warehouse in Larnaca. They deliver, collect and speak fair English......the name and phone number is.....ENOIKIAZONTIA 99958229 - 99312325 Patcon

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Chillys Prize Car Draw took place on Saturday July 3rd at their Kissonegra Shop. It was won by a lady called Paula whom lived in Peyia, nr Paphos.

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Just found the easiest way to do Sun dried tomatoes. Best to use Roma tomatoes as they are fleshy without too many seeds . Roma tomatoes are quite oval and not too big. Cut then into quarters with a bit of salt and oregano put them onto a plastic tray or plate ( not metal as the salt will leave rusty marks ) and cover with a muslin cloth and leave on the dashboard facing the sun for 2 days and hey presto you have sun dried tomatoes free of charge. De

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does anyone know where i can buy brazil nuts?? i asked in the fruit and veg shop near chillys and they had never heard of them i live in kapparis please help thanks

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Hi,Does anyone know where I can buy readymade Meringues, I live in LarnacaMany thanksDawn

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Hi,Can anyone tell me where I can buy vegit seasoning in the Paphos area?I have been told that it is wonderful as an all round seasoning and so much better for you than salt.Thank you.

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hi please do anyone know the phone number of any gb supermaket please ...i believe there is one in coral bay but i think they have just opened a new one ? thanks

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EPI / SKYY BAR in Episkopi. Family friendly. Seating outside, front bar traditional pub bar, snacks available. At the rear is a huge airconditioned area with giant TV screens with all the latest sporting events. Music, dancing area, great atmosphere. Steph and Simon are great hosts and make for great friendly family pub and friendly atmosphere. Well worth a visit. Epi bar is opposite So Easy Supermarket on the main Episkopi road that leads to Curion Beach and the barracks.

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I just wanted to share with you a very well kept secret, it is called the Square Inn in a lovely quiet village called Pano Arodes. The gardens around the only true village square in Cyprus are very pretty, the atmosphere is calm and tranquil and the climate is clean, with pure fresh air. When you fancy getting away from the humidity on the coast, jump in the car and go for a drive and wend your way up the hill to the next village along from Kathikas, called Pano Arodes. You will find the Square Inn coffee shop/bar next the the Church. Enjoy, I did. The Ice cream was fab too!

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Hello! Could anyone please tell me a good tea shop with large selection of various teas in Limassol? Thanks a lot, Kristine

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Hi,Can anyone give me any tips on how to store honey and stop it from crystallising? ( if that is the correct term).Thank you.Carol.

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Does anyone know where I can buy food colouring to make my daughters birthday cake? I've tried a few shops but had no luck!ThanksVicki

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New chippy opened at Castle Hotel traffic lights on Limassol seafront (where Touchwood Karaoke Bar was), called Britannia . Take away or eat in. Cod, haddock, mushy peas, chip shop curry and gravy, savaloy, scallops etc. Went last night...............amazing!

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Just to inform you all that a new Italian restaurant has been recently open in Ayia Napa, near by the Marine Museum, named: AL RITROVO If you want to eat REAL AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CUISINE then that's the place; last night we went there to eat pasta and pizza and we were astonished from what we eat: finally the real Italian Cuisine that we have been missing all these years! (Just like at my birth-town in Italy) One word to describe it: AMAZING! Nice atmosphere, not near busy roads, professional waitering service from nice looking girls:-) , but most of all GREAT PIZZAS from Serafino one of the best and world-wide well-known Italian pizza chefs and PASTAS + other delicious dishes from the chef and owner MIRCO with lots of years experience in Italy. Their tel is: 23721425 Go there, you won't regret it! Paolo

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Please share what you think about Metro supermarkets in Cyprus. Does it worth a visit? Please also advise where is the closest to Nicosia GB store? Much appreciated.

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Please advise on above Many thanks

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Hi all, i wonder if you can help me, i am moving out to peyia this week with my family and would like to know any recommended places to dine out at in peyia area??Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks

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