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After a long time searching in Larnaca, i have finally found the perfect english breakfast and sunday lunch, driving on Dekelia road on sunday i stopped at a little place called the Black Orchid, just opposite the Princess Hotel. ordered an english breakfast and could not believe the quality i was presented with, proper cumberland sausage, real bacon and eggs, mushrooms, fried tomato, beans the works, all at only 6 euro, tried a fresh orange too and yes it was fresh sqeezed orange, after 3pm on our way home after being so impressed by the breakfast, we decided to go back and try the sunday lunch, well what can say but out of this world, just like grandma used to make, we are now addicted to this place and if you try you will too, if the owners read this all i have too say is first class, and finaly after such a long time here VALUE FOR MONEY.

started by: peaceofmind · last update: 1275689837 · posted: 1274804314

does anyone know how to get or heard of this tavern???? its located on the outskirts of limissol? any information would be appreciated have a wonderful day!

started by: patcon · last update: 1275651285 · posted: 1275651285

Does Anyone know of a decent Sunday Carvery in or around the Larnaca Area....Regards Patcon

started by: nic0las · last update: 1275607036 · posted: 1275586056

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get this in Limassol? Thank you

started by: kaz3 · last update: 1275313076 · posted: 1258833149

Can anyone recommend a good chinese restaurant close to the Atlantica Bay Hotel limassol Thanks

started by: philandbev · last update: 1274880871 · posted: 1274548858

Can anybody recommend a nice restaurant/taverna in the Parlamini/Protaras/Agia Napa area please.

started by: Karen 51 · last update: 1274710517 · posted: 1274710517

There is a brilliant British Food shop in Chloraka Paphos which sells hundreds of British Food supplies nappies, cleaning products, chocolates, drinks etc (too numerous to list all) at very reasonable prices. They have lots of bargains and special offers. Robbie the owner has a wish list order form and will try and get items if you request them. It is well worth a visit and the food items have long sell by dates and well known brands. His shop is located the turning opposite the EKO garage in Chloraka Paphos and is on the right hand side opposite the Orphanides Express. There is plenty of parking and you will find Robbie really helpful and accommodating. Well worth a visit or two!!!!!!!!

started by: Karen 51 · last update: 1274630499 · posted: 1274630499

Does anyone know if you can get Carte Noire Coffee in Limassol or anywhere in Cyprus. Have to wait if friends come to Cyprus to bring a couple of jars, suffering terrible withdrawal symptons. Any info will be gratefully received.

started by: mesogi_123 · last update: 1274613524 · posted: 1274613524

Hi,Does anyone one know the name of the Indian restaurant in Pissouri? and do they have a website? Any info would be appreciated.Thank you.

started by: alby-664765 · last update: 1273939849 · posted: 1273939849

Went to Polemi ( near Stroumbi ) and had a really nice Sunday buffet lunch.Really good host's, good food ( lots of if if you want ) and for a fair price of 14 euro's for 4 courses.

started by: thedon29 · last update: 1273487316 · posted: 1268262312

Does anyone know if the Ocean Basket restaurant in Paphos is open on Sundays, and if so, what time? Regards...

started by: Toni-680775 · last update: 1272875534 · posted: 1272875534

Called TCP Seafoods on the same road as the Episkopiana Hotel in Episkopi, Next to a new electrical shop. Sells mainly forzen meat, as well as frozen sea foods. I understand that they also do fresh meat and fish sometimes. Lovely non dyed smoked haddock, and Tuna steaks amongst other things. Web site gives more details, (www.cyprusfishandmeat.com) although I understand the problems with the flights in the past few weeks have given them a few problems with stock. Still worth a visit, with a large freezer bag!!

started by: tonyjee1 · last update: 1272723335 · posted: 1272643332

hello all. i am looking for a place to hold the dinner after a christening in pafos area. does anyone have any good recomendations? thanks.

started by: jethro-676637 · last update: 1272394874 · posted: 1272394874

Would like some help with finding somewhere that is recomended in Peyia by the English. Just want to find a good local! Does anyone have any suggestions?

started by: Timmy_22 · last update: 1271883970 · posted: 1270569788

I ordered some cupcakes for easter after seeing the ad on anglo info and i have to say i would highly recommend them and tasted light and buttery just like the cupcakes you get back in the uk. Will be ordering again, good value for money!Tim

started by: steffnixon · last update: 1271515097 · posted: 1271003083

Hi there, my parents are visiting and we'd love to take them out for a nice meal somewhere close to epi direction. They are not the most adventurous of eaters but we are so it needs to have a mixed menu! We have 2 young children so need to keep that in mind too. Grateful for any suggestions :0)

started by: JBEST · last update: 1271067135 · posted: 1268749225

I visited the new restaurant/tavern in Episkopi Limassol (CAVA) and has the best prices for food and drinks. And its open every day from lunch time till evening.

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Hello, It wasn't until a few months ago I start getting a string of endless migraines. It was frustrating but I did my research and found out "cheese" makes some people get migraines. Ive cut cheese out of my diet, and to my surprise the migraines are gone. So now the question remains is there any good vegan cheeses for me to add to replace regular cheese? Any opinion about brands is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

started by: annelieroux · last update: 1270462403 · posted: 1269329018

A government employee in Lefkosia has gone out of her way to be helpful to me. I would like to take her out to Lunch to thank her. I'm from Paphos and don't know any restaurants in Lefkosia. Also I'm vegetarian. I love Italian food. Any recommendations for a restaurant? Would be great if it was not too far from the government buildings.

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HAs anyone heard about the new shop called "Euro Store" in Paphos on the Polis Road?Whats it like. Does anyone know the hours they are open.

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