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i bought a mac n cheese from master chef near stelios in livadia but when i was eating i noticed something that looked like meat but wasn't sure does anyone here know whats in it?

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Where can I get a coca cola type fridge? I am looking for the large size fridge for a shop. Thank you

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Hi can anyone tell us if there is anywhere near Larnaca where the Ex Pats go drinking, we will be over at the end of the month and are looking at meeting new friends and socialising. Hope to hear from you soon with suggestions kev and Tina

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For all out there whole like to go out for English brekkie or lunch Our Pub what was Brookseys at Aphrodite Apartments Geriskipo is back open brekkie not bad

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lidls? does anyone know anything about it coming to cyprus? i have seen on one posting that it is meant to be opening a lot of stores in cyprus in january. i also googled it and looks like it is coming but anything else i dont know. if the prices are like in the uk then this could make a difference to a weekly shopping bill. maybe a little sad but i am looking forward to it opening if it does.

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Hi, I will be moving to Paphos this year. I would like to have an idea how much money we will have to spend to buy food and other stuff.We will be living in a house with 2 persons.I've been to Paphos last year and I found that the supermarkets were quite expensive.Are there any cheap supermarkets in Paphos/ near Paphos?What are your average costs buying food and stuff for home, like toiletpaper, touthbrush and shower gel? Thanks

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Hello, can anyone recommend a good quality brand of bottled water that I should buy for my water cooler? I just plugged the machine that's in my house and bought the first water I saw in a store - Avgustous - and it tasted just dreadful, with noticable traces of chlorine in it. I don't want to have to chuck another one out again so I would love some advice. Thanks!

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For those of us who like to bake our own bread CIS in Limassol stocks Hovis Granary flour and Allisons Seeded flour. I just need to find a supplier of liquid Barley Malt and all will be right with the world!

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Hi all we are going out as a big group for a birthday meal on 12th March and wanted to go to fat mammas but it isnt open till end of March can anyone recommend anywhere that is reasonable, has something going on for the kids ie entertainment, a park play area nearby etc and is open at this time of the year not too far away from Coral Bay

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Hi!! Does anyone know where I can purchase Millet bread or any type of Gluten / Wheat free bread from in the Pafos area? Thanks Bridget

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Hi does anyone know where I can buy quark in Cyprus or if there is a Cypriot alternative? Thanks!

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Hi Can anyone recommend some good restaurants for the centre of Larnaca. I have a special occasion coming up soon and would like a good restaurant, nice atmosphere. I've specifically like a nice Italian but in saying that I love all food so if the place comes recommended then I'll try it. Many Thanks Suzane

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If anyone is interested in Arabic catering. Had a friend of mine who tried this lady (private) in Limassol for a small dinner party she was having for about 40 people and she had all good stuff to say and she wasn't expensive either......... If anyone is interested let me know and I will get her details.

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Hi,Can someone provide instructions on how to make home made Cyprus wine?Thanks,david

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Has anyone been to the tavern in Anogyra (near Avdimou) during the year? Mean the one on the main road.Seems to be closed now.

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Hi all, Cyprus is going to be my first holiday abroad in 6 years. I haven't been able till now to go abroad due to some health problems. Thankfully I have improved alot. But I still have a delicate tummy. So I would be grateful to know about the milk over there is ok to drink without boiling it? Also there any organic food shops in paphos which sell any yeast free products? Thanks for reading! Best wishes, Andrea.

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For the best Lebanese food ever just go to Dori's - The real Lebanese Taste. Very clean,excellent quality food and cheap price. They offer also free delivery even aoutside of Paphos ... I live in tala and they deliver !!! The take away is next to the Electricity board of Paphos or just call to 26222580 I eat there almost every day!!!

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Drove past this evening on my way home & noticed that Caz & Dave's Cafe is closed and being stripped out inside? Anybody know what's happened? Moving to new premises? I'll miss my weekend fry up now! :(

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Could anybody please advise on above?

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Hi there. Going out with the wife and just wondering if theres any bars down Tomb of the Kings road doing any entertainment tonight(Friday). Thanks..

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