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Can anybody please recommend a good, traditional taverna/restaurant on the way up to Troodos or in Troodos itself, coming from Larnaca.

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Hi everyone We had given up eating out for a long time. Why would we go and eat frozen potatoes, ready-made horrible tahini etc and be served by a frowning eatern european who speaks neither Greek not English - and be ripped off for drinks. Better at home. The old Cypriot hospitality seemed to have disappeared. This week we've been lucky to find two places with friendly Cypriot owners and home-made honest cooking. First one is at Moniatis - on the right as you drive up - it's called Makris. We had a lovely selection that cost 13 euros for two!!!!!!! (We don't eat meat). A bottle of Tsiakkas xyinisteri was 9.50 (it was 16 euros in a wine bar in Limassol). Lovely view through pine trees. And best of all a lively chat with the owner. And real tatties! He says they have a quiz night on Wednesdays. Second one is in Episkopi - called Cava. More sophisticated. Run by two young brothers and their wives. Marios is a lovely cook. Best kalamari I've had in years, and lovely spaghetti. Dips, lovely salad, and best of all - a long chat with Iannis, the young owner. At last I feel the real Cyprus again - I thought it had disappeared. It would be good to support these honest people. We will certainly go back.

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hi does anyone know whats happened to the place in larnaca stocking tesco goods, we placed and order and had it delivered to limassol, great prices great stuff, but we cant get hold on anyone to order more any know

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Where can I buy proper pumpkin either in a tin (not pie filling has to be 100%) or fresh please? I am in Limassol.

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I have a recipe that calls for pastry flour. Where can I get that?

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greek tahinopita is good or bad in diabetes ? tahonopita {tahini pie ) . The round pie they sell in bakeries. please reply thanks

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Does anyone know where i can buy a food dehydrator or has anyone got one for sale that they don't want anymore?

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Hi everybody, Anyone knows about " Persepolis restaurant" is a PERSIAN RESTURANT in larnaca? THANKS...

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When LIDL will finally open its branch in Larnaca? Anyone knows it? Thanks. Paolo

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Anyone been to the Koala Restaurant in Kolossi? Is it worth a visit?

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Hi, My friends are coming to stay with us for the Christmas .They will arrive this Sunday. I am looking to find a good restaurant in Larnaca where we can enjoy the traditional food. Also i would like to go with them to Limassol where i really don't know where we can eat a good traditional meal. The last stop it will be at Kikos to visit the monastery . I am looking to find a restaurant somewhere near to the monastery where we can eat good . I would prefer if the restaurants are not in tourist area i want to show them the real good food (meze).

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Can anyone tell me where EXACTLY the Sertis Tavern is on the Vasa/Kellaki road, and when it is open? I have tried several times to both find it and make contact - and failed on both accounts!! Don't even know if it's still going or not....I've found signs off the main road to it, and then just can't locate it - only found the community offices (I think that's what they are anyway)! Phone contacts seem to end up as 'not available at this time' whenever I ring them. The reviews of the place have been so good that I'm dying to try it .... but keep being frustrated in my attempts. Anyone got any news or information about it??

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Had a fantastic steak here last night, would recommed it if you are a carnivore top end of the old town well worth a visit. Apparently most of the meat does in fact come from Argentina as does the chef, Victor.

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Is there a restaurant named "Tasty" in Cyprus?

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The other day I went to the Mall in Limassol and while we were window shopping I noticed a Taco Bell restaurant. Last time we went to one was in the US while on vacation...For those of you that have tried it, is it any good here in Cyprus ?

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Does anyone know the address, telephone number, e-mail or website details of Discount 10, the cheap UK Food store in Larnaca. Just e-mail details through the forum. Happy Christmas

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Having read a very interesting letter in the Cyprus Sunday mail about the lack of rind on Cyprus Pork can any one enlighten me as to why this is? Suckling Pigs at Christmas come with the rind so the excuse about EU regulations does not stand up to scrutiny, and anyway no other EU country removes the rind. I know that the two English Butchers in Paphos sell pork with rind on and hear that there is also an English Butcher in Limassol but cannot find out where he ( or she!) has their shop. Any advice would be welcome as my husband is suffering withdrawal symptoms from pork crackling. (Pork scratchings do help but he really needs a fix of the real thing occasionally) Thanks

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Anyone seen any Hollandaise sauce anywhere? Tried Orphanides, Carrefour, several mini markets. We would really like Eggs Benedict for Xmas morning. Any help much appreciated. Thanks. Merry Christmas!

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