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hi all .i am considering to open a sandwich shop, please anyone can teach me how to make the traditional delicious Sandwich ,please please 

started by: Bejay81 · last update: 1435160873 · posted: 1433098238

Hi guys I am gluten and dairy free, and use coconut oil to cook, any where in Pathos that sells it?? Looked everywhere?????

started by: DBZ14 · last update: 1433098341 · posted: 1430309539

hi everybody..hoping somebody can please help....I need to find a Gluten Free Birthday Cake for Friday...Paphos/Coral Bay Area. thank you

started by: gatjcm · last update: 1432801569 · posted: 1431986612

Hi could anyone advise on where to buy elderflower cordial, pomegranate would be good too , in fact any unusual flavours . I have looked & tried on line , but can't ship to Cyprus.  I can make a cordial if I had dried elderflower s, just stuck trying to find them ( used to make a fantastic elderflower champagne in UK ) I am at Governors Beach by Pentakomo. P.s can't stand Rose Cordial, but willing to try any other suggestions. ????????    

started by: masooma · last update: 1430241054 · posted: 1429679136

Can anyone please help me by telling where I can find a mickey shaped cookie cutter here in Cyprus, (Preferably limassol)?

started by: roslyn-667685 · last update: 1429529270 · posted: 1412291903

Since the closure of Chillies, does anyone know where to buy weight watchers yoghurts?

started by: head_manager · last update: 1429109952 · posted: 1395662159

High class restaurant in Limassol is seeking suitable candidates for following position   experienced  Waiter / Waitress Please send your CV @ info_restaurant@yahoo.com

started by: DAVE AND SHEILA · last update: 1427704995 · posted: 1415973261

Does anyone know where I can buy freshly baked gluten free bread in Limassol.  Have asked in Sigma bakeries but they have to order it in and think it is only white and sliced.  I would refer brown unsliced. I have tried the sliced bread from Alpha Meag (which is sliced and frozen) but dont like it. Have tried baking my own but my bread making skills are not up to scratch and my recent bakes ended up in the bin!!   Thanks in anticipation

started by: ilovepernod-981516 · last update: 1427670649 · posted: 1427670649

Does anyone know if it's possible to buy pork dripping in Paphos. Have tried making my own but not as good as what I could buy in UK.

started by: purplepoppy · last update: 1425331820 · posted: 1425329375

Hi I have a friend who is pregnant and is desperately looking to buy McVities Ginger Nuts. Does anyone know anywhere in the Famagusta/Derynea/Paralimni etc area area that sells them. She would be very grateful to know where to buy them  Thank you in anticipation

started by: lora04 · last update: 1419236982 · posted: 1418981682

Has anyone managed to find goose fat anywhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated. seem to have looked everywhere around limassol/epi area. thanks!

started by: RussianSchool · last update: 1418640017 · posted: 1418373235

Dear, ALL! On the 19th of December we are looking for a place where to have our little banquet for couple of hours for approx. 20 pax with good food. We are a bit in trouble finding it, because the banquet will take place in the late hours after the concert (around 10pm). Does anybody have something in mind that we can think about. Thank you in advance. Best regards.

started by: MrsThomas · last update: 1418308767 · posted: 1418045023

What's your favorite cake? I am interested in also hearing about any favourite biscuits or sweet pies you love too. Also, are there any baked goods which you miss and would love to see being sold here in Cyprus? This is strictly for research purposes for an exciting, upcoming project. I look forward to hearing from you all! :-) Thanks in advance, Tiffany

started by: jonthom · last update: 1417859937 · posted: 1417623129

Hello, where is the best place to buy a turkey in Paphos. We don't mind fresh or frozen thanks in advance

started by: crowe-676172 · last update: 1417167259 · posted: 1417103199

Does anyone know  (or seen) any de-alcoholised wine in any supermarkets in Limassol? I have found alcohol free beer but not wine. Any ideas? Thanks 

started by: DrTraveler · last update: 1415499946 · posted: 1265381471

Hello,I'm a coffee fanatic. I don't drink much but it has to be done right. does anyone have a place to recommend for getting roasted coffee beans? ( not ground coffee). Ideally a place in Limassol, or an online retailer with a good selection to choose from. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get unroasted coffee in Cyprus? Id love to try roasting my own.

started by: pamela45 · last update: 1415005947 · posted: 1414722455

Hi, Does anyone of a place to go foirt xmas dinner on tomb of the kings road ?

started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1414584915 · posted: 1414519776

Does anyone have problems with very tiny bugs in their baking flour.The last two packets of flour I went to use had loads of very tiny bugs in them, this was after they had been opened and stored in an airtight container for a few weeks after I had initially opened them. Obviously I threw them out but just wondered if anyone else was having this problem. It seems to be only plain flour but this happened with two different brands of flour.

started by: sfield1023 · last update: 1414057840 · posted: 1412585931

hi all , trying to find tins of rattatue, as i was given one a while back and liked it so much, simon

started by: zany-684605 · last update: 1413052624 · posted: 1259784415

Does anyone know which supermarkets offer online banking and how much do they charge for delivery?

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