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Need to entertain some high profile visitors and have always relied on Neon Phaliron but want something more traditional as their menu has shifted international. Any recs?

started by: fast chick · last update: 1261286880 · posted: 1261171552

Does any body feel that the prices have risen in the supermarkets lately. The cost of living in cyprus seems so expensive. Is there anyone that agrees

started by: fergieabroad · last update: 1261152121 · posted: 1261089518

Hi Can anyone help. Usually we go to the old irish bar on xmas day fro our traditional xmas meal but i hear its closed. Can anyone give me some input on other places to go in paphos? Kindest Regards Scott

started by: catmeister212 · last update: 1261126659 · posted: 1259691910

I cant say its the cheapest or the most organised online grocery store (Lipton tea in their spirits section) but this would be an option for those who are unable to get around or simply dont have the time to shop. http://www.cyprusgroceryshop.com/index.php

started by: doodlepoodle · last update: 1261078430 · posted: 1260438122

I just wanted to flag this shop up on its own. I was really pleased to have found this little store which was recommended in another thread. This one is another brit shop but its not your usual bog standard stuff that the others are selling. This one has a brilliant selection of chutney's and relishes, sauces etc. the selections of jams are brilliant and I will be popping back to stock up on the raspberry one pretty soon. Kettle crisps, including the ones that are so hot they blow your head off! We also bought dates stuffed with walnuts. If you like things a liitle bit different you should definately go and have a look.

started by: helsbels-686619 · last update: 1260964420 · posted: 1260964420

Does anybody know where I can buy Goose or Duck Fat in Limassol for my Christmas roasties?? Thanks, Helsbels

started by: mrs mopp · last update: 1260892694 · posted: 1260383681

from Limassol highway, how do you get there ? is it any good ?

started by: scotmum · last update: 1260880727 · posted: 1260876534

Hi,Can anyone recommend where is nice to go for chirstmas lunch. I would ideally like somewhere that has a good atmosphere and is suitable for little ones.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks,

started by: capofaith 21 · last update: 1260826284 · posted: 1259526754

Does anyone know where I can buy chapatti flour and other india items in Cyprus. Thank you

started by: Toni-680775 · last update: 1260824940 · posted: 1260615732

I am trying to put together a guide to all the shop that stock UK products, their location and the types of products they sell, for example with food types of meats, pies, cheeses cakes, sweets etc.. sold if frozen or fresh. If any one has details of somewhere they use, island wide could they let me know please.I know of - Chilly's and Wellgoods in Limmasol, 2 UK type butchers in Paphos, CIS in Ypsonas, Iceland Direct, GB's in Erimi and UK,s in Paphos, but there must be a lot more.Thanks

started by: andreasparaskevi · last update: 1260631778 · posted: 1260631778

Hi all, on hols during the summer visited " Ol Blue Eyes" on the main paphos coral bay road. its just a bit further on than St Georges hotel going from paphos. Its on the right hand side. I always meant to mention it but "other things etc". Without question, the best meals my wife and I have ever had. Initially I thought - not enough - but, proper food, cooked properly,eaten properly - a proper job, Good guy runs it I think he's called Kevin. Support him and he gives his best. Its the best best I have ever tasted. Restaurants come and go, this one should go on and on. Try It, you will be pleased. Regards, Andreas

started by: maggiemou · last update: 1260468345 · posted: 1260468345

Today is a great day for people living in the Pissouri area. Papantoniou who are also in Paphos opened its door for business. This is a huge big first for Pissourians and fellow neighbours in nearby villages. There has never been a proper supermarket in the area. Most of the shops are local shops and very, very , expensive. People who have been able to travel have had to go to Paphos or Limassol or Lytiotis in Epi to buy food. Some of the elder locals have never been able to get to these shops and rely on the mobile vans coming around. Now with over 2000 people in Pissouri this is a real scoop for Papantoniou. Well done to them for taking the leap and good luck to them. People of Pissouri are well pleased ( not sure about the local traders) and I am sure it will be a very busy store. The store is located on the old Limassol /Paphos road opposite the Petrolina station.

started by: nagirrek · last update: 1260120417 · posted: 1260096257

If you haven't tried it, then you really should!!! Sue & Pauline are producing a range of freshly made foods that so far, have only been imported. They range from Home Cured Bacon, Pork Pies, Faggot and Peas, Black Pudding, Birthday and Christmas Cakes and lots more. All the recipes are from " John Taylor & Son butchers, in Coventry

started by: justrehab-670621 · last update: 1260098401 · posted: 1259270486

Hello, Really wanted to surprise my husband with some good quality cookery lessons as a christmas present. Can anyone help? Would be looking pref. in or around the Larnaca area?

started by: Sunday-678047 · last update: 1259860117 · posted: 1259840589

Hi all Can anyone tell me if the cafe Top 20 is still there in yermasoya area Thanks in advance

started by: Toni-680775 · last update: 1259526707 · posted: 1259400967

Are there any shops that sell malted wheat grains/flour and rye flour?

started by: yanina-665484 · last update: 1259501725 · posted: 1258578559

Does anyone know of a supermarket that sells frozen berries, like raspberries, blueberries, etc. I've looked in all major supermarkets but can't find them!! Thanks!!

started by: Toni-680775 · last update: 1258811992 · posted: 1258804019

Is there any where on the island that sells specialist bread flours (not plain or whole meal as those are easy to get). I am looking for those with grains, malt, rye etc.Thanks

started by: thunderbird-690619 · last update: 1258809726 · posted: 1258565084

can anybody help me find CANDY APPLE STICKS? i found the bamboo skewers but they are too thin & not suitable for apples. ive asked around without any luck. larnaca. tel 99 348 504

started by: ASTRO-687675 · last update: 1258799945 · posted: 1249944361

Who sells scones in Nicosia! I've tried Alpha-Mega.....no joy.I have a pot of clotted cream brought over for me from the UK (Asda) and it expires on the August 13th. I know they might be easy to make but ...

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