started by: kathanna · last update: 1258798929 · posted: 1257172146

Does anyone out there know where I can find Mascapone cheese in the Larnaca or Limmosol area. If not what can I use as a substitute?

started by: doddsyp · last update: 1258571933 · posted: 1258478764

Has anyone got directions to the new freezer shop in Limmasol.

started by: madame-690931 · last update: 1258492714 · posted: 1258197244

were can i get nice dried fruit im looking for kiwis, pineapples,apricots and dates. I dont want the dried out hard ones i want the dried soft ones.

started by: dancelooby · last update: 1258478445 · posted: 1258478445

Can anyone recommend a great place to eat lunch on Boxing Day in the Limassol - Pissouri area? thanks

started by: Bridget-691306 · last update: 1258269034 · posted: 1258101335

I am trying to find a sugarcraft suppliers preferably in the Pafos / Limmasol area. I am actually looking for icing nozzles (tubes),colour paste and edible glitters. I have been to Pergamos but Wiltons will not deliver until the end of November and I need the above items before then. Can anyone help - or recommend a good website in the UK (that will send immediately) who don't charge overcharge for P&P. Thankyou - Bridget

started by: Spanner-666908 · last update: 1258160980 · posted: 1258142431

Anyone know of somewhere in Nicosia where they sell frozen ones?I can make them, but it is a job I can do without while cooking a curry with all the accompaniments!

started by: belinda-675574 · last update: 1257249360 · posted: 1255446560

Any good and sensibly prices Indian restaurants in or around the Limassol area please?

started by: daverob · last update: 1257166094 · posted: 1256642780

My chief at home came to my home and made a delicious dinner, the food was superb and the service excellent it was very homely and professional at both times.I think you can have up to 15 guests and the chef prepares all the food in your kitchen, what a wonderful new experience for Cyprus!

started by: nic0las · last update: 1257152758 · posted: 1257091806

Does anyone know if the Lidl in Limassol is ever going to open, I've been calling the number for weeks to no avail. Thanks

started by: CYPRUS PAIR · last update: 1256507190 · posted: 1256503203

Can anyone name a good value hotel (5 or 4 star) that does Christmas packages either 2 or 3 nights stay including xmas eve gala dinner and all the trimings etc...

started by: theresa-690024 · last update: 1256068009 · posted: 1254661515

I an devastated ! My favourite Indian restaurant appears to have closed down. My husband and I thought we would try their newer restaurant in the town centre - but - closed. We then drove to the original restaurant, where we always go, only to find that closed too. Does anyone know if they are on holiday - or is this a permanent closure ? I was hoping they might relocate to Nicosia, so we don't have so far to drive for a wonderful meal.

started by: tammy123 · last update: 1255983897 · posted: 1255944232

First Christmas in Cyprus! Can you get Christmas Pudding/cake, if so are they OK or would it be best to make my own? There is only 2 of us this Christmas so I don't know if it would be worth making my own by the time i've bought all the ingredients :-)

started by: Bkeeper · last update: 1255961651 · posted: 1255961651

HiJust wanted to let people know about this french bistro in nicosia. Its' very good. Read a review here http://thetamarindtree.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/french-bistro-in-nicosia/Well worth visiting.

started by: Anne Hall · last update: 1255715414 · posted: 1255638941

Does anyone know whether you can freeze avgolemoni soup? I love it and with winter coming up I'm thinking of making some for those cold nights but I don't want to be eating it every night for a week!!

started by: yanina-665484 · last update: 1255351019 · posted: 1254559839

Does anyone have the number for the Sakura Jap in Paphos? Thank you

started by: Toni-680775 · last update: 1254995222 · posted: 1253095135

I have received the following reply to my e-mail from Tesco headquarters after hearing a rumour that they might be coming to CyprusI appreciate you enquiring us if we are opening a store in Cyprus.I'm sorry that there is no plan to open stores in Cyprus at the moment, as per our Global Stores Directory. The nearest country where we have our stores is Turkey. If we at all plan to open a store in Cyprus, this would be communicated in the Global directory.Please accept my apologies on behalf of Tesco for any disappointment this may cause and thank you for contacting us.

started by: Drago-690111 · last update: 1254832436 · posted: 1254831265

Does anyone know where I can buy Palm oil in Cyprus ? MJ

started by: las-664500 · last update: 1254815473 · posted: 1253733268

Does any one know where to buy from? Solid block or powder Thanks/...

started by: Rainyday-689777 · last update: 1254264364 · posted: 1254264364

Is there any place to train the chef in Limassol area?

started by: spavlou · last update: 1253867311 · posted: 1251753805

Hi there Can you tell me if I can buy Buttermilk here please? Thanks

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