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Hi All A friend of mine is thinking of shipping some own brands ( Tesco / Adsa / etc) to Cyprus and opening a shop , he would like some ideas as to what to bring over , no fridge or freezer stuff though , ALL ideas welcome

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Hi, Does anybody know where i can buy some dairy free ice cream, been looking for some for a while now and cant seem to find it anywhere. If you know please let me know. Many Thanks.

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Hello, Does anyone know where one might get the well known Korean food KimChi or Kimchee? You know the fermented bottled cabbage thing? Preferably in the Limassol area. but any info would be welcome. thanks

started by: mesogi_123 · last update: 1252962437 · posted: 1251560131

Hi, Does anyone know who will make cypriot food (like they have at a wedding/ festival) It is only for about 25/30 people Paphos area. I just want someone to deliver it ready on the night . Thank you.

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Does anyone know where I can buy south african beef, Biltong?

started by: sunny-cyprus · last update: 1251406516 · posted: 1251406516

Hello, Does anybody know where to buy dairy free ice cream?? Not sure if anybody would fancy dairy free ice cream, but im after some, if anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks Limassol

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I have just thought. I used to buy really good bacon from my mum`s butcher in Rochford, Essex.If I was able to get large quantities delivered to Cyprus, does anyone know of a local Limassol firm that can do the importing for me. (That is a food importer firm.)

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I still need help with the following:- Wholesale Suppliers of:- Fresh MeatDeli:- cheese, halloumi, milk etc.Keo/Carlsberg, Pepsi/Coke, water, etc. Wholesale Supplies of:- Disposeables like, serviettes, cling wrap, take-away containers Wholesale Suppliers of:- Bread, Roll and English Bread Wholesale Supplies of:- Tables & Chairs, Beer/Drinks Glasses, Rattan Sets

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Does anyone know where to buy Indian Spices near as possible to Limassol?

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Hi, does anyone know of any Sri Lankan restaurants in either Nicosia or Limassol?, or shops that sell Sri Lankan food products?

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Hi does anyone know about the limassol wine festival please? times, dates , tickets ect Thanks.

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Looking forward to a 'LEKKER' steak! Which restaurant has the best?

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Why is it that the drinking water from the machines is 1.20 for 20 litres but everywhere else it seems to be 1 euro? Is this because of the % brits up there, if so then that's wrong! I know it's only 20 cents, but 20 cents over a year is another 10 euros (based on 20 litres per week x 52).

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Hi there does anybody knows a shop , to buy bio-vegetables in limassol? thanks.

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Hi, I am looking for the above in the Limassol Area, it is for a monday night and we would like a Bazouki Band if possible. I can find it for weekends but finding it difficult on a Monday. Any ideas?

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Can anyone recommend some good places to eat in Protaras? We will be spending a week there in August and don't want to take pot luck! Thanks

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I just had to join and let you know about a woman who has been absolutely great help with my coffee/snak bar. She was recommended byu a friend of a friend. I own and run a coffee/snack bar/restaurant in the Paphos area and was at a complete loss with the eu rules pertaining to all the regulations. Anji was recommended and she c ame and visited the establishment and sat with me and gave me a full list of what was rewuired from training to forms to storage, to temperatures, to etc..etc.. Anji has numerous qualifications in this field and is more than knowlegable, and she was very patient with us all. She provided forms, training,advice,suppliers nd so much more and the best part of it is that it cost a fraction of what I thought it would cost me. I was seriously considering closing down as I was at a complete loss as to what to do to become "compliant" as she put it. She has worked in this field for over 30 years and has put me on the right path. I really recommend her to anyone who wants to stay away from the eye of the authorities and become "compliant". If you want her number mail me and I will send it by return mail. You wont be sorry.

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We have just got back from having the best meze since we came to Cyprus. We got the name of the Sertis Tavern in Limassol from the resturants page on this website. It was well worth the drive to get there. It's inland in between Vasa and Sanida, about 15 minutes inland from Parekklisia. The restaurant is spotlessly clean and welcoming and the food is great. Not your usual tourist meze at all, but a massive selection of dishes including prawns, quail, octopus and loads more. We couldn't finish ours and ended up bringing some home with us! The meal was great value for money and the owner (who is also the chef) was very welcoming and went out of her way to make sure we were happy with our meal. I would highly recommend a visit there!

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Cyprus produces wonderful potatoes so why do so many eating establishments serve imported frozen chips?! Are there any eating places in Paphos who buy potatoes, peel them, cut them and make proper chips? If not, why not?

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Hi We are taking my mother in law and father in law out this evening for a meal, and wanted to know if anyone could recommend a nice restaurant around the Ypsonas, Kolossi, Erimi, Episkopi area. They prefer meze/souvlaki type restaurants,m, so it would need to be something greek Any recommendations please would be greatly appreciated! many thanks

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