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Does anyone know of a good taverna or even restaurant for Sunday lunches? We live in Limassol but are happy to travel for a good day out. We have two young kids so if there's an outdoor play-area it would be great, but not necessary.Aase - finally in Cyprus!!!

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Hi, has anyone been to the new restaurant called Joe [something or other begining with a "B"] its where the Brasilian restaurant used to be in Paphos...................just wondering what sort of place it is as regards type of food etc, any info would be great[wanting to go somewhere as a suprise evening out] cheers L.

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Today I tried a new restaurant/delivery in Nicosia called Maria's Food Stories. It has grilled, Italian, and take away foods with lots of variety. We ordered for delivery, so cannot quote on restaurant appearance but the food was absolutely delicious. We had Pork Fillet with Mustard sauce, Moussaka, Pork Chop and Chicken Fillet. I would certainly recommend this place. There is also an added bonus that most meals are around 6 Euros! Xenios Building, Arch. Makarios & Karpenisiou Corner, Nicosia.22447454Please leave your comments if you visit.

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Hi all, Metaxas in Tomb of the Kings road(on side road that has Monster Dvd shop on corner) is at last open again after having some re furb work done,and we are so glad!! Had dinner there fri evening,and as usual Stephanos's food was fab! We each had a starter,then for mains, hubby had lamb shank/red wine+rosemary sauce(mmm),i had Duck with his Grand Marnier sauce(this really is exceptional).Both were served with fresh vegies+lovely roast potatoes. We also had 2 bottles of sparkling water,2 lrg Keos+ a glass of dry red wine and our bill only came to €39.53!!!!! Now we think that is good value for money,(though this was on his "early bird"menu-see his website for menus/times/prices etc). It is so nice to go somewhere that is NOT trying to rip you off, he really does care about his food and his customers.We will be off there Valentines night,to try yet more of his menu,though we'll have to be carefull or we'll end up the size of a bus!!! Rita :0)

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Looking for a nice place to have breakfast with clients once in a while. Hotels are not an option. Any nice cafes/restaurants open around 7:30am?

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Dear All, I have been to this Tsipouraki - Moonshine between TGI's and Nandos every friday and saturday they have live singers, the food is really good and very generous on their mezedes.

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Hi, Can anyone tell me which restaurant/taverna does the best meat and mixed mezes in the Pafos area. Many thanksKev

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Hi All Does anyone know of a good Indian Restaurant in the Paphos/Coral Bay area? I know, I know, not exactly in the traditional cypriot style, but hey, we all need a little variety in life. :) Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me whether there are any shops in Cyprus - preferably Paphos - that sell wheat, gluten and lactose free products. I am on holiday there in June and wish to know where I can purchase such items RegardsLesley Taylor

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Anybody know where I can get a decent Doner Kebab in the south? Found places that do kebabs but not a doner like the ones in the UK!! I'm in Ayia Napa but don't mind travelling if they are good!Rob and Hales

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Anyone know of a restaurant open on Monday night where I can get traditional Cypriot food for my visiting parents - is my Dad's birthday so we'd like to go out. Looking in the Larnaca / Dhekelia area. Many thanksEmma :)

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Hi ,we will be in Cyprus for christmas near Larnaca, does anyone know anywhere that will be doing christmas lunch? Thanksjanice

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My husband and I have recently discovered Japanese food. We love the 2 we have found in Protaras and Ayia Napa, mainly for the entertaining chefs who cook your food right in front of you. Does anyone know of any more with the on-show cooking in Cyprus particularly Nicosia and Paphos? The new Zen Fusion in Nicosia - is that just Sushi or other dishes too? Thanks

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Can anyone supply a recipe for Cumquat Marmalade pleasejimbo

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despite the winter season being upon us surely there must be some good restaurants in the Ayia napa area that are still open,we especially want somewhere extra special for Valentines night.All suggestions gratefully recievedj Lewis

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Hello Everyone I hope someone can help. I need to take a customer out for dinner in Larnaca next week, and I don't know it very well. Can anyone recommend a decent restaurant? Thanks

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Hi Some friends are coming out on holiday next week and we are meeting them for dinner one night in Paphos. We don't really know Paphos apart from visiting for the day and our experiences of restaurants there are not particularly good. Does anyone know of anywhere we could take our friends that doesn't just cater for mass tourism and where we can get some really decent food? We don't really want to go down the chinese/indian route as they can have that anywhere, so other options would be appreciated. Thanks Dawn

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Anyone recommend something for us and the family when they come over - something for grandma to grandkids please....Maria ****

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