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Hello,I'm a coffee fanatic. I don't drink much but it has to be done right. does anyone have a place to recommend for getting roasted coffee beans? ( not ground coffee). Ideally a place in Limassol, or an online retailer with a good selection to choose from. Also, does anyone have any idea how to get unroasted coffee in Cyprus? Id love to try roasting my own.

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Hi, Does anyone of a place to go foirt xmas dinner on tomb of the kings road ?

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Does anyone have problems with very tiny bugs in their baking flour.The last two packets of flour I went to use had loads of very tiny bugs in them, this was after they had been opened and stored in an airtight container for a few weeks after I had initially opened them. Obviously I threw them out but just wondered if anyone else was having this problem. It seems to be only plain flour but this happened with two different brands of flour.

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hi all , trying to find tins of rattatue, as i was given one a while back and liked it so much, simon

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Does anyone know which supermarkets offer online banking and how much do they charge for delivery?

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Hey From Paphos.....and am thinking of Locating my Restaurant to Limmosol. ANY Feedback most wellcome regarding AREA VIABILTY NEED Regards    

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Hi where can I buy pukka pies in Paphos, I have a café and I want to sell them in the café.Thank you Michael

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Hi. Readers, I have just found a company in limassol selling back bacon from the Bacon Factory company  based in  the north of the uk. They sell retail packs and large wholesale packs. Retail packs are sold as a box of 20 packs. Wholesale packs are sold as 4 packs with a total weight value of around 2.9 kilos. For prices you will need to call the company. They do not deliver except where the order is of  a certain price. Their name if i have it correct is Alfa Sophocleous. ( sorry no phone number ). They also have a wide range of uk frozen products. ( jackson frozen breads, uk sasauges, roberts yorkshire puddings, and others. To repeat they sell by the case not loose. Hope this was helpfull,  

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Does anyone know where I can buy a Pullman loaf in Larnaca area. I used to get it in Carrefour, Smart or Alfa Mega and now none of them have it. Many thanks.

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Hi all can you help me out I am looking for a wholesaler in Paphos or nearby that sells rolled icing in all colours in large quantities. Also edible ink for my cake printer and edible paints. I have looked on ebay but the shipping costs are so high to Cyprus.

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Hi , Does anyone know of any Xmas dinner venues in Limassol ? Know its a bit early .

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Lovely place ran by lovelly people, they brew some great real ales and larger and their latest product is cider, the only place on cyprus brewing cider, they have a little bar on site called bar tat, and a shop. They also serve freshly prepared lunches daily. You can go on the brewery tour. Just on the road to polis tsada ,great day out give it a go we all need to support small businesses abroad 

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I have lived in Chlorakas for 11 years and cannot drink the water because it makes me very ill, it has been suggested to me that the reason could be because there is too much flouride and too. many minerals, does anyone else have this problem and could there be a solutions

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Hello. Can anyone tell me if there are any vegan food stores and or restaurants in Limassol. Also, are there any vegan groups that meet in Limassol? Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi, does anyone know where I might get shredded coconut, preferably in the Larnaca area. It is a coarser moist coconut not the dried desiccated type. 

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Thought I should share this with anyone who enjoys their wines. I found a small, only produces around 12,000 bottles a year, winery in Amargeti. Hidden away in a secluded garden I was treated to some of the finest wine I have tasted so far on the wine route. The Eleonoras winery, owned by the most gracious Chris, is lovely. Chris speaks perfect English and does all of the work himself. I loved being shown around, sitting in the dappled sunlight, fish ponds tinkling and drinking his fine Mattaro - Maratheftiko Red. Tastings are by appointment only at the moment but I do have the phone number for any one interested. This winery is well worth the visit.

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Hello there, Is there a place to have espresso near the Makarios stadium at 0630am on a sunday morning? Thanks! Clem

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Can anyone recommend a good keleftico restaurant in Limmasol or one of the nearby villages. Friends over who want try the real thing not the tourist fake stuff. 

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has tried the new take away in pegia. I saw it while out last night. Is it good? Thank you

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Hi there! We're having a wedding here in August with a small "handmade" party. I'd like to get some macaroons for the sweet table, but I've not seen any here in Paphos(( Does anyone have an idea where I can get them? A cafe or a bakery?    Thanks! El

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