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Has any tried the new bos steakhouse in limassol?

started by: PEDS111 · last update: 1403705615 · posted: 1403702283

Does anyone know where i can buy Pizza Boxes from please.

started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1402938678 · posted: 1402309593

Where can I get Malt extract in Larnaca area if possible but would go to Nicosia also.

started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1402938569 · posted: 1402309473

Does anyone know someone in Larnaca area that makes a typical English Birthday cake with jam and nice buttery cream? Need one for July.

started by: mony1987 · last update: 1401644463 · posted: 1401644463

Hi all, there used to be a lady with a white hat and white umbrella selling boiled and grilled maize (corn) down in Molos Limassol... She could put you butter and a toothpick on your corn. Was always fresh and most of the times you had to wait for it because of that, but totally worth it. We used to go there and eat at least 2 each every time. After the renovation of the area, she is not anymore there. Her corn was the best ever tried... Does anybody knows where did she moved to? I totally miss her corn :(((

started by: Blue pine · last update: 1400171244 · posted: 1400171244

We are a Bar/Restaurant down town larnaca and we are looking for part time or full/time staff for table service more info: 24646553  

started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1399964809 · posted: 1399810679

I felt I had to share our experience at The Depot. I should have done this a long time ago but sadly I dIdn't. My Husband and I have been going on a regular basis since it opened about 3 years ago. We have always been greeted with warm and friendly staff and exceptional food. The food is all fresh with fresh vegetables and fresh home made chips and fresh onion rings. You will not leave The Depot hungry as they serve big portions but not with big prices. Starters are around €4 but 1 is enough for 2, main courses are around €9, as for desserts, we never have one as we never have enough room but any we have saw being consumed by fellow diners have looked good. Even though the food is reasonably priced you dont pay over the odds for your drinks. Some restaurants get you in with reasonably priced food and then charge you an arm and a leg for your drinks.Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed and maybe you will become regulars like ourselves. Happy dining.

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Hi, we have booked a villa for Christmas in coral bay. Our flight arrives from Uk on Christmas Eve, just wondered if anyone knows if supermarkets are open on Christmas Eve? Very grateful if anyone could give me an answer. Many thanks

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Hi, does anyone know where in the Larnaca area I can buy "STRONG WHOLEMEAL FLOUR" for use in a Bread Making Machine Please? Regards   PC 49

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Hi does anyone know where I can buy small packets of salted peanuts to sell in a pubThank youFor your help

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Anyone know where I can buy "Old Speckled Hen" beer  to take away? I know its a long shot and I do drink Keo and Leon but just fancy a "Home Brew type beer" noew and again!!!! Regards   PC 49  

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Has anyone actually bought Yakult recently if so where from. Limassol area please.

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My family and I went to Regato Restaurant last night and it was fabulous!!!! amazing dishes and an unforgettable dining experience. i highly recommend it!

started by: naben00 · last update: 1397038593 · posted: 1397023998

I'm wondering if someone might know where I can find children food that are either vegetarian or contains fish and maybe organic as well? I know they have children food in the supermarkets but they all contains meat and the vegetarian cans are for the very little ones.. Thanks in advance!

started by: wildbird-704847 · last update: 1396965286 · posted: 1396965286

On the Limassol to Troodos road is amazing. We went for dinner last week and were thrilled, the food is excellent, the service second to none and the prices are very good. Thoroughly recommended.

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Does anyone know where I can buy Kippers.

started by: pc49-661910 · last update: 1396869248 · posted: 1394458051

Does anyone know where I can buy "Jacksons Sliced bread" in the Larnaca area please? Regards   PC 49

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Dear all,   i am looking to have in a month my sons christening.  I am looking for a taverna that can cater for toddlers with highchairs.  I am also looking for somewhere that has some sort of play area even if its a small grass area for them to play on.  I'm open also to find a tavern that is towards troodos mountains.   Has anyone got any ideas?     Would be greatly appreciated!

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hi good news taste of england have access via the back of shop for disabled customers, good parking and wide door thank you richard for all your help .   see you soon .

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What ever happened to Chilly`s? Noticed all their shops are now closed down when I visited Cyprus last September, 2013.

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