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Hi has anyone got any wine yeast or know where to purchase this from here in Cyprus Limassol?

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Anyone, please where can I buy Yakult in Cyprus?

started by: lawofteddy · last update: 1387412266 · posted: 1387412266

Does anyone know if they sell (Vital) Wheat Gluten somewhere?  Its the protein found in Wheat but in powdered (flour) form.

started by: Bell-681268 · last update: 1386925920 · posted: 1386456882

Hi We have loads of left over unopened bottles of Teachers Whiskey left over from our wedding, along with some other bottles of alcohol. Does anyone know of anyone/where we can get rid of it? Thanks

started by: King freddie · last update: 1386847326 · posted: 1386617425

I've just found out that the British Food Store that used to trade at Levadia is still up & running at Ayia Thekla market (nr Ayia Napa waterpark) every Wednesday morning. Thought I would let people know as its getting harder to find some british foods on the island with more & more stores closing down.

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High class restaurant in Limassol is seeking suitable candidates for following position   experienced  Cook / Assistant Cook Please send your CV @ info_restaurant@yahoo.com

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Can anyone recommend  some where to have Christmas lunch in Paphos please  we would like a turkey lunch + 1 veggie and 1 child have you eaten there your self?

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Hi does anyone know where I can buy apple cider vinegar please.

started by: Theboys · last update: 1385308772 · posted: 1385141542

Does anyone know of a bakery in Limassol that sells millefeuille slices? They're the nearest things you can get over here to vanilla slices and are yummy but as it's a long time since I had one I really don't know where to look first! I know that La Criossanterie sell them but their portion sizes are a laugh!!. It'll be an independant baker, probably, that I'm looking for. Many thanks from me and my petrol tank;)

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Hi, does anyone know if the big Elomas has closed for good. I went a couple of weeks ago and it was closed. I phoned the Araddipou brance but they couldn't tell me or maybe were not allowed to tell. What a shame as it was a great shop in my opinion.

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Hi does anyone know where was can buy these from prferably in limassol and in stainless steel?   thanks 96401498

started by: MIDEC · last update: 1383561259 · posted: 1311925053

Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere in Limassol (prefered) or Cyprus where i can get beer & wine home brewing equipment and ingredients, there are not many things i miss, but a good pint of real ale is one of them, so any help would be good, and i can get experimenting with recipe's. Thank you.

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Can anyone tell me if the Dr.Pepper Drink is in Larnaca?

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Strange. Living in Limassol, I've checked more or less in every supermarket in town, even some of the smaller ethnic food shops which serve the Filipino and Sri Lankan communities out here.  I have never seen black beans for sale. Neither dry or canned. This is really prominent in the Americas in Latin American dishes. Any leads? Kidney beans won't do.

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Is there any one who knows a farmer who sells eggs from free-range hens? I would also like to find someone who makes their own honey for sell.. Does anyone know someone not that far from Limassol? Thanks in advance!

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We are looking for free range organic (certification not required) eggs near Paphos. So ideally class 00, but no class at all is probably just a good! From a local farmer or something.The Papantoniou eggs are excruciatingly expansive: over €4 for 6 eggs! Plus, I hate feeding supermarket their monopoly power, detrimental to our farmers and therefore community.

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Hello everyone, I'm christening my son in the summer in Nicosia Centre and wondered if anyone could help me find somewhere i can go after for a bite to eat, where the kids can run around and play. Really would appreciate anyones suggestions. Thanks

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We recently stopped for lunch at a taverna on the road between Limassol and Platres, the one with the waterfall. What we ordered and what we got was different. Also, my wife wanted salad instead of chips but got chips and a plate of salad (€6 extra). We did not want to cause a fuss so paid up and left. Any suggestions as to what we could and should have done?

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WHat is the greek name of that beef cut?   p.s not everyone wants kefalaki

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Does anyone have telephone contact number for Kazzy's Currywurst please. Larnaca area

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