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Hello everyone, I'm christening my son in the summer in Nicosia Centre and wondered if anyone could help me find somewhere i can go after for a bite to eat, where the kids can run around and play. Really would appreciate anyones suggestions. Thanks

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We recently stopped for lunch at a taverna on the road between Limassol and Platres, the one with the waterfall. What we ordered and what we got was different. Also, my wife wanted salad instead of chips but got chips and a plate of salad (€6 extra). We did not want to cause a fuss so paid up and left. Any suggestions as to what we could and should have done?

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WHat is the greek name of that beef cut?   p.s not everyone wants kefalaki

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Does anyone have telephone contact number for Kazzy's Currywurst please. Larnaca area

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Hi Anyone know of anywhere that sells Italian peperoni sausage? I can find any number of kinds of salami & chorizo, but a pizza really needs proper peperoni...... TIA Graham

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Just had a Traditional English Sunday Lunch at "Tony's Bar and Grill" Pervolia Larnaca........ Fantastic home cooked food....2 meals  4 choices of meat / 5 vegetable helpings / Yorkshire Pudding / thick gravey / big helpings! 1 Apple pie and Ice cream / 1 bottle of St Panteleimon Wine / Total Cost for 2 people ...... €32.... Best Value for money we have had in 30 years of coming to Cyprus......  Give it a try (We have no connection with "Tony's" whatsoever).............PC 49  

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Just to let everybody know, I have just heard that the British supermarket at Ayia Thekla and Leivadia market's is closing down. The last market will be next Wednesday 18th Sept at Ayia Thekla. Good time to stock up, as things are the cheapest on the island at the moment!!!!

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Recently I went to Michaels Tavern in Erimi.  I have been going there for nearly 20 years off and on, but had not been for some time due to a bereavement.  Turning off the Old Paphos road in The middle of Erimi I had gone barely 100 metres when a smiling chap waved and indicated a newish Taverna to me.  Friends in  the car following thought it was Michaels and on reflection, it was clearly an attempt to tout traffic en route to Michaels Tavern.  I spoke to friends about this, one of whom had mistakenly gone there having assumed it must be Michaels; they reported that the food was nowhere near the standard expected. So beware, Michaels is about 300 metres down the road.  He never touts and the food is excellent.  Don't be fooled by poor imitations!

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Hi, I am dairy intolerant and have problems finding cakes that I can safely eat. A friend told me about a lady who sells cupcake mixes for dairy intolerant people - although you wouldn't know the difference fromcupcakes with eggs and milk in, . they are absolutely delicious, moist and well....yummy.  All I had to do was add water and oil. She sells the mixes with the cupcake papers and I bought 2 12 packs and they were only 7 euro per pack, having looked in the shops they were charging 2-3 euros each cake. Highly recommended not only for the dairy intolerant but for anyone. her phone number is 97672341. I believe she also makes mixes for all manner of cakes and biscuits and if the cupcakes are anything to go by then I shall be buying much more from her.    

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We used to be able to get Turkey joints from Carrefours but they haven't had any for quite a while. I have tried to find out if they are getting new stock but don't seem to be able to get any sense from them. Does anyone know anywhere in the Limassol area where we could get these? Please reply to here or my email sheilamwarwickm@hotmail.co.uk or txt to 99370382. Thankyou

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Hi, Does anyone out there know if there is a halal butcher in the Paphos area?   Thanks in anticipation of any replies. Karen

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Where can I get green (unroasted) coffee beans in Cyprus?

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G'day everybody, Does anyone here know where in Paphos or Peyia one can obtain a guraranteed regular supply of gluten-free bread or rolls? You used to be able to get it from "Butcher-boy" in central Paphos, but recently they seem to be having problems with their suppliers. Zorpas say that they can get it with a reglar order only - but for bread, not rollos. This is a pity as the rollos from "Butcher-boy" were excellent. Fortunatley other g-f produces are becoming more readily available - Papantoniou near Paphos harbour keeps a reaonable supply in stock, but it's quite a treck in from where we live in Peyia. ANy ideas, anyone?

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Not very 'Anglo', but does anyone know where I can get Haggis?It's not available in the supermarkets in Nicosia and I also had someone check out the NAAFI up here, so any ideas would be appreciated.Cheers,M

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I am gutted, I have just heard that GB's in Protaras has closed. I phoned the lady who works there to ask if there was a delivery due as I didn't want to go from Larnaca and discover that they didn't have a lot of stock. I will miss it for so many items but especially their cards, such lovely cards and only €1 each. There is nowhere in Larnaca that you could buy such good quality cards for that price as far as I'm aware.There isn't any other shops that sell so many UK items is there? 

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Anybody know where I can find 8 gram N2O chargers for a cream whipper in Cyprus?

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Hi does anyone know if carrefour or any other large store/supermarket I Limassol is open today? (June 24th, national holiday)

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I know this subject has been asked about before but so many shops are closing and opening. Has anyone found any good wine making shops where i can buy demijohns ect.. i live in Limassol area.

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Hello there, We are looking for someone to have a stall at our Pano Akourdaelia Farmer's Market doing Cyprus sea salt. Must be naturally collected, no bleaching or chemical processing invovled. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/180157312143036/ Our first market was this month and hundreds of quality people came. Natural, sustainable, fair, local, hand and home made, meet the grower philosophy. Great atmosphere. call Clement on 96425879. thank you, Clem

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i will like to know where can i find a barista course in paphos? barista means who make caffees in caffe house. latte espresso, macchiato ect... what is the price for that and how long the course. 

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