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Hi everyone We try meal in Il Classico in Paphos and was amazing. Prices are very cheap service was excelent and the atmosfere in restaurant was just wondurfull. I can just highly recomend to enyone who like to try something diferrent and wants to enjoy really nice dinner

started by: desagun · last update: 1367578429 · posted: 1366890194

Where can I buy porridge in Limassol area without paying the earth for it ??. Lidl UK is only 39p for half a kilo. So cannot acept paying 4 times as much here. Any ideas ??.        De.

started by: Theboys · last update: 1367333101 · posted: 1367333101

Hi, does anyone have the phone number for the GB shop in Erimi please? Many thanks.

started by: Dooley · last update: 1366907986 · posted: 1366801297

Has anybody used "The Cheap Basket" for on-line grocery delivery and, if so, how was the experience ?

started by: webby-880937 · last update: 1366647009 · posted: 1353627192

Hello folks.  Needing to draw on your experience.  Looking to move out to Cyprus around end of March next year, Paphos area and have done a fair bit of research into renting/costs of living/residency etc etc.  I have over 20 years experience of running multiple Lively Bars/Pubs/Clubs and Restaurants as well as my own and just wanted to know if realistically I would earn enough in this line of work to survive out there.  Realise the need to save in the summer months so as to conserve money during the quieter winter months but just looking for some reassurance this is a good idea....Or otherwise.  Grateful for any other info you can supply.  Thanks.  Graeme. 

started by: fullmoon-679784 · last update: 1366636762 · posted: 1366563988

I came accross this new dining discount club called Privileges which launched last week in Cyprus. www.privilegescy.com Looks good has anyone used them or bought a membership?

started by: andydandy · last update: 1366033203 · posted: 1363443705

Hello everyone,  Has anyone ordered from the take away. i am planning a small get together and thinking to order food from there but have not tried it yet so would be grateful for any reviews. Thank you. 

started by: oldschoolpirate · last update: 1365844211 · posted: 1365805049

Found brand new venue with really nice fresh made food  homemade cakes bread desserts etc Really nice place opposite to Alymra spa Called Pimareros good food good prices really nice surroundings All u can eat bbq on fridays ! lush

started by: Bell-681268 · last update: 1365619279 · posted: 1364229154

Can anyone please tell me where I may get this from in Limassol as my hubby keeps going on about it and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Thank you

started by: bimpsy01 · last update: 1364925601 · posted: 1364589474

Just had a beautiful indian takeaway, very authentic and tasted yummy, good price and very friendly family, give it a go you won't be disappointed 

started by: princesscooking.weebly.com · last update: 1364823572 · posted: 1364823572

I will soon start a website for online  recipes.they will be video based and also in text format. We are looking for recipes from around the world to put online, if you have any  you would like to enter either by video or by plain text please email me so we can share them on the site. The site should be up and running in about a month so you have plenty of time to get them organised. the site is www.princesscooking.weebly.com my email is tspsells@gmail.com    

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Does anyone know if you can get Aloa Vera juice,( the type you drink ) in the Paphos area. If so where, and cost, Please

started by: Indomitable · last update: 1363938462 · posted: 1363782538

Did you know that a British 2p makes a good 2Euro substitute in shopping trolleys, also works in the airport baggage trolleys. 

started by: shaddy-409939 · last update: 1363730038 · posted: 1363648089

Hi has anybody got a Cyprus bread recipe that i could try the one i am looking for has fennel and poppy seeds on top.

started by: libertyx · last update: 1363352399 · posted: 1363351026

Does anyone know where Mr Chung (chinese restaurant) is now?  Last I saw of him was at Las Palmas restaurant.

started by: chrisgrant-723372 · last update: 1362621374 · posted: 1362621374

can  anyone suggest a special lunch deal for Mothers Day

started by: lorrirobb · last update: 1362598786 · posted: 1362533872

i have a holiday home in pathos and i am looking for some cypriot cookery clases can anyone help me with this

started by: Mystic-661193 · last update: 1361967020 · posted: 1360869034

Does anyone know any places in Limassol that currently have white chocolate buttons in stock. Any brand.

started by: LauraS-691211 · last update: 1360328686 · posted: 1360328686

Does anyone know where we can get non alcoholic wine now Carfour has sold out?   regards   Laura

started by: Mitzy-680257 · last update: 1360010472 · posted: 1357055637

My Husband likes an Ouzo sometimes and he like a particular one from Smart it used to be €5.70 then went up to €7 that was about 6 months ago. Bought one on Friday and it has gone up to €9. I know someone on Angloinfo did mention that alcohol would be increasing due to the Vat going up but 30% how do they get away with such a huge increase, I suppose the answer is well this is Cyprus and we have to get used to it and their own rules and regulations.

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