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Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people.  Can anyone recommend a decent online dating site for Cyprus?  I haven't been impressed with the ones Google has turned up.  Thanks! Tara.

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Just received our electricity Bill for the period Jan to March, nearly had a Heart attack, over 360 Euros (2011 units used)!!!!!! What is making it more difficult to believe is that our Bill for Nov 07 to Jan 08 is almost exactly the same (2088 units used)(5.2 more units used) during this time we had Family staying with us for over 3 weeks, so tonnes more Electric was being used. We don't have a pool and don't use the Air con units, we have been using 2 oil filled Radiators but only for an hour in the mornings and a couple of hours at night to warm the Bedrooms. I have examined both bills and everything seems to be in order but i still think something is not quiet right ? Has anyone else noticed a dramatic rise in their bills ? Regards, J.E.

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Dear all, if anyone knows any tutors that can teach algebra/trigonometry and early calculus in Nicosia could you please let me know. I am really desperate as I cannot find anything on google, everywhere I call no one picks up or even replies to emails/messages. Thank you

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We are wholesale suppliers and distributors of various branded medical consumables such as: - 3 Ply surgical Face mask - N95 Surgical Face mask - FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 Respirator - Protectetive overall Gown - Protective shoe cover - Hand Sanitizer - Protective Glasses - Latex Gloves We have available stock for immediate supplies. We provide worldwide deliveries due to our logistics partners in place Please fee free to contact us for more information regarding your supplies. email us via :: Email:::(globalsales184@gmail.com)

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Does anyone know of a supplier of Beeswax? My wife is looking to buy some for use in making cosmetics  thanks Jordy

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I need to fly to Turkey and thinking of doing it from Ercan airport. Has anyone done something like this? What are the implications? Will I have troubles traveling via Larnaka airport in the future? Any tips?

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Hello can anyone recommend a hot tub engineer to service my Vita Spa tub.I am in Peyia Paphos

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Hello can anyone recommend a hot tub engineer to service my Vita Spa tub.I am in Peyia Paphos

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Hi all, I use the 9292 prefix for calls to the UK on MTN pre-pay. If anybody doesnt know its a lot cheaper than just dialing the number. But im not sure if sending a text message this way the message actually gets there, can anybody confirm this? Thanks.

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Hello,We are thinking to move in Trachoni, Limassol. And would like to know, from those living there, if it is a good place to stay? Any feedback will be very much appreciated!! Thank you!

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Hello, I'm looking to rent agricultural land for long term in Paphos district but seems like nowbody want to rent...all plots are for sale only. Does anybody know an agency or person who has for rent plots..not just for sale? 

started by: CVT-K-901810 · last update: 1576850189 · posted: 1496948344

Hello all, I am in search of a short-term rental (2-3 weeks) with car hire ( a combined price).  Need for mid-September.  We are a family of 3 (have a 4 year old). Can be a one bedroom flat.  Has anyone seen a rental place to give a deal for flat and car hire? Can be in Lemessos, Pafos, or Larnaca.  Any information is appreciated.  Thank you

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Hello, Does anyone know who sells Triton water heaters in Cyprus?

started by: Maggie-Kelly-950379 · last update: 1575274477 · posted: 1575211572

Does any one know of a secondary glazing company in Larnaca or Limassol area?  Desperately need secondary glazing but cannot find an installer.Maggie

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Hello!Does anyone know any computer science teacher who would be interested (and qualified) to give lessons in preparation for the AS / A-level exam in Paphos?

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Pelekanou Educational Services Institute is currently recruiting a native English teacher.Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV to theodorapelekanou@cytanet.com.cy/ varvarapelekanou@gmail.com 99653441

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Hello.Could someone help me where I can hire/rental tools in Nicosia?Tools and equipment like welding machine, grinder, screwdriver machine, drill machine for concrete etc...Thank you!

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I am starting up my own small business near Larnaca and I am looking to set up a basic website to complement my advertising. All I need is a simple homepage, a few pictures of my business and contact details. Nothing complicated or expensive, just simple and effective. Ideally I would like the ability to maintain the website ideally though not essential. Also domain registration & hosting. My problem is that the companies who offer web services are either aimed at corporate businesses and are therefore, expensive.....or simply don't reply to my emails/calls. I have spent hours online and seem to be getting nowhere!?!?! Is there anyone who would recommend a company offering web solutions which you have found to be helpful and relatively inexpensive for similar requirements? Any help from anyone would be grately appreciated! Justin

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