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Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people.  Can anyone recommend a decent online dating site for Cyprus?  I haven't been impressed with the ones Google has turned up.  Thanks! Tara.

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Wanting prices for the above. Please send by email only all prices inc fees domain, hosting etc. Thanks

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BIG RIP OFF IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THAILAND.Pantours Travel Agency Ltd has been appointed by the Thai Embassy in Rome as the sole agency for visa applications from Cyprus. Pantours have now admitted they are adding  a processing/handling fee to each visa application This fee ranges from 265 EUROS to over 300 EUROS depending on visa type. The proper price listed by the Embassy in Rome for a Tourist visa is 35 EUROS. They want to charge 300 EUROS! You send application to Pantours, they pass it on to Rome.So if you don't pay, you don't get a visa!!!!!!Anyone had a similar experience? Just want to get this information out there. Scandalous.

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I would like to get one as a Christmas present - anyone got ideas as to where I can buy one? I am a Cyprus Newbie, so help needed. Thank, Michael

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Hi guys,my question is about a container shipping inventory to Cyprus.  I was wondering how accurate it needs to be, for example, do you list how many plates, spoons, frying pans, or you just mention cutlery, crockery , kitchen utensils?the other thing is about import duties, I understand that if you are moving out there permanently, you don’t have to pay, you only pay for the container and port clearance. Some shipping container companies don’t arrange a clearance agent at the port, which means you need to find one yourself, do you know of anyone or one you might have used?And is there any paperwork to be done beforehand, document needed, etc,?also thinking about including some appliances on the container, do you think it’s a good idea? As we all know how difficult it is to get hold of some decent stuff over in Cyprus. And are there any limitations as to how many you are entitled to ship for you own household, so can you take 2 TVs for example, or 2 cookers, etc,hope those guys who had a bit of experience can answer this, and any other tips would be greatly appreciated.thanks

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Whenpersons purchase a property in Cyprus, if their property is in an apartmentblock or on a complex or estate which has communal areas, services orfacilities they did not just purchase a property, they also purchased apercentage of all the communal areas, services and facilities on the development,and these services have to be managed by someone and paid for by each owner.  It is a legal requirement that each and every owners pays their communal service charges, even if their property is not in use.Inpast years it was relatively easy to manage a Private Estate, Complex orApartment Block, nearly all owners were permanent residents and everyone livedtogether like small communities, because nearly all developments were basic, afew people accepted responsibility for looking after the Private Estate,Complex or Apartment Block and everyone contributed to the communalexpenditure.Thingshave drastically changed over the years. To attract clients’ developers started building developments with facilities like, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, gymnasiums, play areas/parks for children, electronic entrance gates and much more, to include planting of lavish gardens and leaving bigger open spaces within developments for recreational use. More and more people from all over the world have invested in Cyprus, purchasing properties as holiday homes, as buy to rent properties or as investments.  In some cases, more then 80% of owners are non residents. Withthe exception being small apartment blocks without any services or facilities,correctly managing a Private Estate, Complex or Apartment Block (especially ifthe development has large grounds, swimming pool and a host of other facilities)is now a full-time job, and due to this many developments are managed viaproperty management companies.  This is mainly so, because when owners tryto self-manage their development invariably, they are successful at thebeginning but things soon start spiraling out of control. SelfManaging your development can work as long as there is a professional structurein place and relevant laws are used for the calculation of expenditure andcommunal service charges, also appropriate accounts must be kept to include producingfinancial reports for owners’.  Unfortunately, most management committeesdo not have the legal knowledge or appropriate experience to establish thisstructure, therefore developments soon run into trouble, with the main issuebeing non compliance with relevant laws and non payers.To assist with self management we developed MyPropMan.com, please check it out and give me your opinion and any suggestions.

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am currently seeking domestics servants in my home abroad e.g driver,nanny, security guard etc interested applicants should contact directly via (suzannehoza248@gmail.com ) with their resume for review

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Hello,I am a valuable Individual who is willingly  and looking to invest  in a lucrative business New or Running Business in Cyprus   cambodia , tanzania  ,  Bahrain, Dubai, India, Pakistan europe  , bangladesh etc and any country in the  Middle East and the whole world at large.I don't really care about the location of the business as long as it  has good profit and beneficiary to the people.please do get back to me via email.Am an Investor Looking to Invest On Good Business/parthners .EMAIL..ssdlabeurope@gmail.comWHATSSAP....0036209787195Skype Address : Dr urbain.awonothanks and waiting.

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Hi there, Have your children ever been exposed to bullying at school? Do you know of people who have been exposed to domestic violence?  We are thinking of opening a self-defense school in Limassol so as to assist children and victims of all ages who have been exposed to such violence on how to deal with the situation at hand through initial non contact de-escalation techniques and using self -defence as a last resort before reporting incidents to the authorities and pressue groups.  Do you think that there will be an interest for such a school to operate?  Thanks.    

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Hi All, I keep reading about these 65 countries that Cyprus will open up to, but all the news articles only mention the same 8 or 10 countries that are included. Does anyone please know where the full list is published. Thanks

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Has anyone's marriage broken up over here?  Do you blame emigrating to Cyprus? If so, and you'd be interested in being featured in a national newspaper (for a good fee) please get in touch for more details. Equally if you know anyone (doesn't have to be Cyprus) who fits this story, could you pass my details on?! gillianj_harvey@yahoo.co.uk   Thanks  

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I have a Cypriot Driving licence that expires in July this year. I'm 73.  I'm currently out of the country and hope to return in good time to renew it. Because of Covid 19 my travel arrangements may be disrupted. It's possible I could return after my licence expires. Advice please if that happens. 

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can anyone tell me of a good travel insurance Co that will cover a expat 84 year old with no existing medical condition traveling to Australia and will visit Dubai Bangkok and Singapore we are finding it very dificult easy if you start and finish in UK and are UK resedent

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Where there are group for coffee and to do things together.

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To be able to talk to people

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As UK nationals, how easy is it to marry in Cyprus legally?

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Hey, does anyone know a self-service laundry in Limassol that they could recommend? I would appreciate any info, thank you :)

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Hi, just wondering if anybody can answer this query. I am an UK EX PAT who is now a resident of Cyprus.I am currently not eligible to join GESY so I have been paying for private medical tests etc.I will shortly be paying for extensive medical treatment myself.  Once I am eligible to register with GESY will I be able to have future treatments covered by GESY?Can anybody provide the answer please?I can afford to pay privately for a few years.  Potentially I may need long term treatment and if GESY covers it, I can remain in Cyprus, if not it would mean relocating back to the UK which I would prefer not to do.Can anybody help please?

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Hey guys I recently Purchase and item online from a site, my products got shipped using DHL Deutsche Post and currently being forwarded to cyprus post.Current status shows:The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization. (Homepage / online shipment tracking: http://ips.cypruspost.gov.cy/ipswebtrack/)I read an old forum here and according to him the parcel took a month to arrive (dhl deutsche post & cyprus post - customs delays?).Did anyone have the same experience? Did they improve there service from previous years?Thanks for your help all

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I am new in Cyprus and i am lookinh for friend and a new family.

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