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hi all, i am writing this for a friend of mine who confided in me.there is a greek girl who works opposite from where he lives, she used to come near him shyly, and wait for him to come down in lift.he knows she was a but shy, but found it hard to communicate.he tells me he has fallen for her, and even though he has written a love letter to her, asked her out three times, she still wont go out with him.greek girls tell me that his biggest problem is he is english, is this true, that even though both parties wont to be together, that there is no trust as he is a english man?this is crazy and wrong,dont know how he is goiun g to cope he is falling to pieces,sharon

started by: Vic G · last update: 1599823055 · posted: 1262778036

Good morning all, We are looking to give our cupboards a good clear out and will have some bags of clothes that will be looking for a good home. I would like to donate these to charity. Does anyone know of charity shops in Nicosia that would accept clothes donations? Which charities? Thanks!

started by: Chris-P-970023 · last update: 1599383874 · posted: 1599383874

Hi, I'm looking for a company that will install a fibre glass pool in Famagusta area. So far only found one and their stock is very limited.If anyone knows of another company that can provide and install I'd be very grateful for info...Thanks,Chris

started by: pat-pat-969143 · last update: 1599306193 · posted: 1598440586

HI there. My husband and I thinking of moving to Paphos. Italians but living in Malaysia for 15 years now time for a change.My hubby is an artist a painter.Anyone knows if there is any opportunity for teaching figurative painting class on the Paphos area? thanks

started by: George Price · last update: 1598602900 · posted: 1598602900

I own a poperty in Larmaca my flight in June was of course cancelled because of Covid19, my flight in August and September have been cancelled because of the Cyprus difficculties to fulfil  entry requirements which are to provide a certificate issued within 72 hours of flying proving virus free. In the UK these certificates are only provided by Private Companies, the timescale means that there is no guaranty that the terms can be met, actually,very possible  that the Certificate will not reach us on time. Meaning, unable to fly and losing the £800 ticket costs, on top of having to pay the Certificate Private Provider anything from £150 (certificate extra £95) to £350 per person.  Additionally, 48 hours before flight, we have to self certify online to CyprusGov.com certain personal aspects, print copy of which has to be given to the flight officials otherwise not allowed on the plane (as others have found when making a typographical error were turned away). This self certified certificate MUST be accompanied with the COVID 19 virus free certificate, thereby reducing the available time frame of getting this difficult item from 72 hours down to 48 hours. Some travel companies have reported they had no bookings for August and have therefore cancelled all holidays until further notice. Probably difficult travel restrictions are why Cyprus has such a low infection rate but it does make it difficult for us that book our flights 12 months in advance.

started by: Josie C. · last update: 1598367331 · posted: 1598367331

Where can I find packing peanuts and shipping supplies in general in Cyprus? Preferably famagusta, larnaca and nicosia area.

started by: alphacrust37 · last update: 1598025693 · posted: 1307713384

Can anybody offer any advice on how best to travel from Paphos airport to Argaka. UK based transfers companies are wanting silly money. :( Cheers,Paul.

started by: Mimmo-Manti-968757 · last update: 1597924663 · posted: 1597924663

I live in Larnaca center near Pyvos the vegetables shop and I need to get the signature of my Mukhtar on some documents for the Immigration department. I have tried for 2 days to find where my Mukhtar is located and have drawn a total blank. Can anyone help me here please? Thanks in advance

started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1597782362 · posted: 1595931840

HiWe are UK citizens employed as civilians attached to the UK military, currently living and working in UK Sovereign Base Area (SBA) territory. We are hoping to return to the UK to visit friends and family. We do not anticipate any issues in travelling to the UK, but as things stand the return journey could potentially be problematic.The UK is about to be reclassified as a Category B country, which still requires that new arrivals are required to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate not older than 72 hours from a recognised laboratory. I note that Cypriot nationals, and ‘permanent residents’, can take their test upon arrival in Cyprus. Bearing in mind our circumstances as stated above, would anyone be able to advise me regarding the following:(a) For the purposes of the RoC coronavirus regulations, do the SBAs count as part of the Republic?(b) Could anyone confirm what documentary proof of permanent residence is required by the Cypriot authorities? Would a letter from our employers be sufficient?Many thanks in anticipation.

started by: Andrew-Charalambous-963574 · last update: 1592210567 · posted: 1592210495

Having my house built by private builders and not buying from developers, do I need permission to have a shed built on private land, that is NOT connecting to the building its self? Using it for an hobby

started by: pc49-661910 · last update: 1591508868 · posted: 1591508868

I have recently had to renew my UK Passport (Expired)..... For everything that needed my identity at the time of registering (Cyta/Elect/Water?/Bank etc ) I used my then Passport number. I have renewed my passport in the past, but cant recall ever changing the number on my services profiles. Do I now have to change that number on all those services, or can I retain the original number? I have never been sure whether the passport number I originally used was actually used to prove who I was, or just a reference number used for billing purposes? Any advice please? PC49    

started by: TaraLee-915423 · last update: 1591227604 · posted: 1374160229

Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people.  Can anyone recommend a decent online dating site for Cyprus?  I haven't been impressed with the ones Google has turned up.  Thanks! Tara.

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Just received our electricity Bill for the period Jan to March, nearly had a Heart attack, over 360 Euros (2011 units used)!!!!!! What is making it more difficult to believe is that our Bill for Nov 07 to Jan 08 is almost exactly the same (2088 units used)(5.2 more units used) during this time we had Family staying with us for over 3 weeks, so tonnes more Electric was being used. We don't have a pool and don't use the Air con units, we have been using 2 oil filled Radiators but only for an hour in the mornings and a couple of hours at night to warm the Bedrooms. I have examined both bills and everything seems to be in order but i still think something is not quiet right ? Has anyone else noticed a dramatic rise in their bills ? Regards, J.E.

started by: Andrey-R-910239 · last update: 1588178879 · posted: 1506258724

Dear all, if anyone knows any tutors that can teach algebra/trigonometry and early calculus in Nicosia could you please let me know. I am really desperate as I cannot find anything on google, everywhere I call no one picks up or even replies to emails/messages. Thank you

started by: Premier -Surgical Equipment' -959851 · last update: 1587716033 · posted: 1587716033

We are wholesale suppliers and distributors of various branded medical consumables such as: - 3 Ply surgical Face mask - N95 Surgical Face mask - FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 Respirator - Protectetive overall Gown - Protective shoe cover - Hand Sanitizer - Protective Glasses - Latex Gloves We have available stock for immediate supplies. We provide worldwide deliveries due to our logistics partners in place Please fee free to contact us for more information regarding your supplies. email us via :: Email:::(globalsales184@gmail.com)

started by: jordy-690236 · last update: 1584547721 · posted: 1444407088

Does anyone know of a supplier of Beeswax? My wife is looking to buy some for use in making cosmetics  thanks Jordy

started by: matahary · last update: 1584262587 · posted: 1227004834

I need to fly to Turkey and thinking of doing it from Ercan airport. Has anyone done something like this? What are the implications? Will I have troubles traveling via Larnaka airport in the future? Any tips?

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Hello can anyone recommend a hot tub engineer to service my Vita Spa tub.I am in Peyia Paphos

started by: lybbie · last update: 1581543390 · posted: 1554499757

Hello can anyone recommend a hot tub engineer to service my Vita Spa tub.I am in Peyia Paphos

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