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Hi all, I use the 9292 prefix for calls to the UK on MTN pre-pay. If anybody doesnt know its a lot cheaper than just dialing the number. But im not sure if sending a text message this way the message actually gets there, can anybody confirm this? Thanks.

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Oracle and SQLA lot of Oracle customers are concerned about being locked into a single vendor with high licensing costs. Very often they realize this situation when the time to upgrade or modernize their environment comes.Microsoft SQL Server cut down its costs by consolidating databases, allocating resources, compressing data, virtualizing servers more effectively, and managing policies. We can utilize SQL Server’s self-service business intelligence capabilities. As a result, this provides end-users with the ability to create their ad-hoc reporting. So, organizations can significantly reduce their dependence on IT.Using Microsoft SQL Server (SSMA), we can help Oracle customers achieve the performance, scale, and security that their applications require while keeping costs in control.Why should an organization shift from Oracle to SQL Server?The fact is that Oracle requires a major investment. An individual that has embraced this technology also understands the size of the impression throughout their technology stack it probably has. Nobody buys Oracle licensing for small or even medium organizations. Comparing SQL Server Enterprise’s total price to Oracle’s price is a big difference. The reason is quite simple. An enormous number of mid and large-sized organizations currently utilize Oracle database as part of their overall IT stack. Many of these organizations are still using the on-premise database version. As the size of organizational data increases, their database ecosystem begins to get expanded, requiring better management, higher storage, and processing power which unfortunately increases the overall cost. With this high data volume, many companies find it difficult to maintain their databases at optimum costs while addressing the growing complexity.Just the once organizations recognize and buy into the benefits of migrating enterprise applications to the cloud, they then need to evaluate which platforms make the most sense for future growth. In a nutshell, they need a platform that will provide improved performance and operational benefits at an optimized cost structure. Two of the major alternatives to Oracle on-premise databases are migrating to Oracle Cloud or Microsoft SQL server (hosted in Azure cloud or on-premise).SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) Migration Steps:SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle helps you convert Oracle database schemas to SQL Server schemas. SSMA upload the resulting schemas into SQL Server and migrate data from Oracle to SQL Server. In these steps, we can see how the installation process, and then also it will help to familiarize you with the SSMA user interface.Oracle SSMA (SQL Server Migration Assistant) is a complete environment that helps you quickly migrate Oracle databases to SQL Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Azure SQL DB. By using SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle, you can evaluate database objects and data, assess databases for migration, migrate database objects to SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and then migrate data to SQL Server, Azure SQL Data Warehouse or Azure SQL DB. Remind that you cannot migrate SYS and SYSTEM Oracle schemas.To successfully migrate objects and data from Oracle databases to SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, or Azure SQL Data Warehouse, use the following steps:Step 1:- Create a new SSMA project: After you create the project, you can set project conversion, migration, and type mapping options. To know project settings, see Setting Project Options (OracleToSQL) and know about how to customize data type mappings, see Mapping Oracle and SQL Server Data Types (OracleToSQL).Step 2:- Connect to the Oracle database server.Step 3:-Connect to an instance of SQL Server.Step 4:- Map Oracle database schemas to SQL Server database schemas.Step 5:- Optionally, Create assessment reports to assess database objects for conversion and estimate the conversion time.Step 6:-Convert Oracle database schemas into SQL Server schemas.Step 7:- Load the converted database objects into SQL Server. You can do this by saving a script and run it in SQL Server and synchronize the database objects.Step 8:- Migrate data to SQL Server.Step 9:- If necessary, update database applications.Migration from Oracle to Microsoft SQL can be a smooth venture if you have expertise in both databases. A well-made migration plan that includes the considerations given above will help minimize potential issues during and post-migration.If you need support from a partner who has done similar Oracle to SQL migrations, a sovereign team of experts can help. We have guided various clients through the considerations referenced above to execute seamless migrations from Oracle to MS SQL.

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Hello,We are thinking to move in Trachoni, Limassol. And would like to know, from those living there, if it is a good place to stay? Any feedback will be very much appreciated!! Thank you!

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Model-View-View Model (MVVM)The Model-View-View Model (MVVM) prototype is for more than just Microsoft .NET Framework projects. Discover how to apply it to Android development through its open source counterpart, MvvmCross. For the development of mobile applications, a bulk of app developers used to favor the MVC structure as it was the most straightforward architecture to use. At Sovereign, we provide android app development services, mobile app design and development services to develop custom applications using MVVM model.According to study on the Model View Controller (MVC) design patterns and presentation model, Microsoft introduced MVVM as the preferred pattern in many of its platforms, including Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Phone. Up till now it’s the pattern of choice in Microsoft frameworks, third-party frameworks make it possible to extend MVVM into other platforms, such as iOS and Android, as well. In this blog we will take a look at the basics of MVVM along with its benefits that we are using in MVVM designing, and then dig into how we apply MVVM to Android applications using the MvvmCross framework.Modularization and Clean ArchitectureModularization in Android apps represents a software design outline that separates functionalities into modules. Every Android application can be modularized by dividing the application module into library modules. The library element will consist its resources, manifest file, and classes. During the end, the build tool will merge it into a single APK.Clean Architecture: The concept of Clean Architecture was originally proposed by Robert C. Martin, known also as Uncle Bob. The key goal of this approach is the separation of concerns to separate your code into independent layers and design it to depend on abstractions instead of concrete implementations.MVVM: Model-view-view model is a software design pattern consisting of three layers:Model (in our architecture in combination with Clean Architecture refers to a domain model, which represents a real state content).View (activities, fragments, it displays data received through view-model).View Model is the View Model represents an abstraction of the view, it receives data from Model; perform necessary UI logic and then expose appropriate data to the View, next to that, View Model manipulate the Model based on actions on the View. The View has a reference to a View Model but View Model doesn’t know anything about the View.Today, in this blog, you can get to know about our primary focus will be specifically on the Android Architecture and on finding out the main difference between Minimum Viable Product (MVP) vs. Model–View–View Model (MVVM). For Android Apps, the two architectures that are highly recommended to use are MVP and MVVM instead of the Clean Architecture and MVC.The Layers of MVVM with Clean Architecture: Even within the Android app architecture we’re using, there are many ways to structure your file/folder hierarchy. I like to group project files based on features. We can choose to free whatever project structure suits. The code is divided into three separate layers:Presentation Layer: This includes our Activitys, Fragments, and View Models. An Activity should be as dumb as possible. Never put your business logic in Activitys. An Activitys will call to a ViewModel and a ViewModel will talk to the domain layer to perform actions. A View Model never talks to the data layer directly.Domain Layer: The domain layer contains all the use cases of your application. In this example, we have UseCase, an abstract class. All our UseCases will extend this class.Data Layer: This has all the repositories which the domain layer can use. Data layer exposes a data source API to outside classes.MVVM with Clean architecture is a topic that never gets old in the Android Development. Preferably, it should be the biggest layer, in Android Apps development usually tends. Sovereign developers makes easier to understand Android mobile app development using MVVM with architecture components given above.

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Buy Bertoua Savanna Local Miners is the best place to come to if you are looking to buy gold online.We set out to make this site the largest manually built directory for gold related businesses . Our goal is to provide a free web site that Best place to buy physical gold consumers and small businesses can use to connect each other easily so that everybody involved can benefit.Dedicated to making sure you buy gold bars, gold nuggets, gold coins, gold dust and diamonds from Africa without getting scammed.The amount of complaints we receive about people losing money while trying to buy gold online is at an epic level. Through thorough research, we have been able to identify some of these scam artists and separate them from the real sellers.If you have any suggestions on how I can make the directory better please feel free to contact me personally by filling out the contact form.Bertoua Savanna Local Miners CameroonTEL/WHATSAPP: 00237651802646EMAIL: savannalocalminers@gmail.comC/O CHIEF BALIKI MASANGO

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Hello, I'm looking to rent agricultural land for long term in Paphos district but seems like nowbody want to rent...all plots are for sale only. Does anybody know an agency or person who has for rent plots..not just for sale? 

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Hello all, I am in search of a short-term rental (2-3 weeks) with car hire ( a combined price).  Need for mid-September.  We are a family of 3 (have a 4 year old). Can be a one bedroom flat.  Has anyone seen a rental place to give a deal for flat and car hire? Can be in Lemessos, Pafos, or Larnaca.  Any information is appreciated.  Thank you

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Hello, Does anyone know who sells Triton water heaters in Cyprus?

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Does any one know of a secondary glazing company in Larnaca or Limassol area?  Desperately need secondary glazing but cannot find an installer.Maggie

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Hello!Does anyone know any computer science teacher who would be interested (and qualified) to give lessons in preparation for the AS / A-level exam in Paphos?

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Pelekanou Educational Services Institute is currently recruiting a native English teacher.Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV to theodorapelekanou@cytanet.com.cy/ varvarapelekanou@gmail.com 99653441

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Hello.Could someone help me where I can hire/rental tools in Nicosia?Tools and equipment like welding machine, grinder, screwdriver machine, drill machine for concrete etc...Thank you!

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I am starting up my own small business near Larnaca and I am looking to set up a basic website to complement my advertising. All I need is a simple homepage, a few pictures of my business and contact details. Nothing complicated or expensive, just simple and effective. Ideally I would like the ability to maintain the website ideally though not essential. Also domain registration & hosting. My problem is that the companies who offer web services are either aimed at corporate businesses and are therefore, expensive.....or simply don't reply to my emails/calls. I have spent hours online and seem to be getting nowhere!?!?! Is there anyone who would recommend a company offering web solutions which you have found to be helpful and relatively inexpensive for similar requirements? Any help from anyone would be grately appreciated! Justin

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Wanting prices for the above. Please send by email only all prices inc fees domain, hosting etc. Thanks

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HI, anybody got any recommendations for free web hosting, without forced ads, but own advertising allowed. With PHP, CGI, MySql.I'm using one at the moment but having so much trouble with what I beleive are forced scripts (analytics) that my rss feeds won't validate. Want to move 3 sites to new free host temporarily, if any good I don't mind paying for hosting later. Please leave any recommendations on here, and any personal comments about them. Many thanks.

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If you buy an item at Dixon’s Travel on exiting UK airports, and then you change your mind, it is virtually impossible to receive a refund on return if goods.After receiving inaccurate advice from a Dixon’s salesman at Gatwick South (store o845), I returned an item in their advice in order to get another despatched to Cyprus.  The replacement item never arrived and Dixon’s refuse to refund until they receive the item that they posted!  Be be very very careful if you buy at Dixons

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Hi there does anyone know of either a Spiritualist Church or Healer anywhere in the whole of Cyprus please. thanks jennorm

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Hi I have an ongoing issue with my Apple TV box, and havebecome tired of trawling through countless internet forums trying to find anappropriate solution.  Ideally I’d like to be able to take the device into arecognised Apple service centre in Limassol (or Paphos at a stretch) to beexamined or repaired. The Apple website indicates that Public, iStorm &Electroline stores in Limassol can repair iPads & iPods – but not Apple TVboxes. Is anyone aware of any store in the Limassol area which canexamine & repair Apple TV boxes? Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

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HiUntil recently, it was possible to make cheap landline calls from Cyprus to the UK, by dialling 1018 before the full number. Cyta have now withdrawn this facility. Is anyone aware of a similar means whereby it's possible to make cheap calls home (whether it be landline or mobile)?Many thanks in anticipation.

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Looking for a good plumber to service our active solar hot water system, Pyrgos/Moni area, any recommedations

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