started by: IrinaSm · last update: 1571044172 · posted: 1571044172

Hello!Does anyone know any computer science teacher who would be interested (and qualified) to give lessons in preparation for the AS / A-level exam in Paphos?

started by: Varvara-Pelekanou-942509 · last update: 1565256361 · posted: 1565256361

Pelekanou Educational Services Institute is currently recruiting a native English teacher.Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV to theodorapelekanou@cytanet.com.cy/ varvarapelekanou@gmail.com 99653441

started by: Marko-Milicevic-941668 · last update: 1563875629 · posted: 1563875629

Hello.Could someone help me where I can hire/rental tools in Nicosia?Tools and equipment like welding machine, grinder, screwdriver machine, drill machine for concrete etc...Thank you!

started by: justy8290 · last update: 1562085358 · posted: 1208434686

I am starting up my own small business near Larnaca and I am looking to set up a basic website to complement my advertising. All I need is a simple homepage, a few pictures of my business and contact details. Nothing complicated or expensive, just simple and effective. Ideally I would like the ability to maintain the website ideally though not essential. Also domain registration & hosting. My problem is that the companies who offer web services are either aimed at corporate businesses and are therefore, expensive.....or simply don't reply to my emails/calls. I have spent hours online and seem to be getting nowhere!?!?! Is there anyone who would recommend a company offering web solutions which you have found to be helpful and relatively inexpensive for similar requirements? Any help from anyone would be grately appreciated! Justin

started by: steve@aloizou · last update: 1562085287 · posted: 1204016774

Wanting prices for the above. Please send by email only all prices inc fees domain, hosting etc. Thanks

started by: Mystic-661193 · last update: 1562085078 · posted: 1216596804

HI, anybody got any recommendations for free web hosting, without forced ads, but own advertising allowed. With PHP, CGI, MySql.I'm using one at the moment but having so much trouble with what I beleive are forced scripts (analytics) that my rss feeds won't validate. Want to move 3 sites to new free host temporarily, if any good I don't mind paying for hosting later. Please leave any recommendations on here, and any personal comments about them. Many thanks.

started by: Cliveann · last update: 1560598096 · posted: 1560598096

If you buy an item at Dixon’s Travel on exiting UK airports, and then you change your mind, it is virtually impossible to receive a refund on return if goods.After receiving inaccurate advice from a Dixon’s salesman at Gatwick South (store o845), I returned an item in their advice in order to get another despatched to Cyprus.  The replacement item never arrived and Dixon’s refuse to refund until they receive the item that they posted!  Be be very very careful if you buy at Dixons

started by: jennorm-668287 · last update: 1559577371 · posted: 1218127489

Hi there does anyone know of either a Spiritualist Church or Healer anywhere in the whole of Cyprus please. thanks jennorm

started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1558076258 · posted: 1558076258

Hi I have an ongoing issue with my Apple TV box, and havebecome tired of trawling through countless internet forums trying to find anappropriate solution.  Ideally I’d like to be able to take the device into arecognised Apple service centre in Limassol (or Paphos at a stretch) to beexamined or repaired. The Apple website indicates that Public, iStorm &Electroline stores in Limassol can repair iPads & iPods – but not Apple TVboxes. Is anyone aware of any store in the Limassol area which canexamine & repair Apple TV boxes? Many thanks in anticipation of your assistance.

started by: CarterUSM-661432 · last update: 1557469184 · posted: 1557469184

HiUntil recently, it was possible to make cheap landline calls from Cyprus to the UK, by dialling 1018 before the full number. Cyta have now withdrawn this facility. Is anyone aware of a similar means whereby it's possible to make cheap calls home (whether it be landline or mobile)?Many thanks in anticipation.

started by: captaingraham · last update: 1556733565 · posted: 1556733565

Looking for a good plumber to service our active solar hot water system, Pyrgos/Moni area, any recommedations

started by: dr-melly-937142 · last update: 1556701321 · posted: 1556701321

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started by: Antonis · last update: 1551702965 · posted: 1551702965

Hello, I am an amateur Larnaca artist looking for 2-3 local artists who want to open a small gallery, selling their own artworks. Rent is cheap in Larnaca, and tourism is on the rise, splitting the rent between a few people would make it manageable. 

started by: liszt · last update: 1533538076 · posted: 1533538076

Hello, I have property and I am looking for a partner to develop a  photovoltaic system on my land. I am looking basically into an agreement in which I provide the use of the land and the partner will do the technical / financial part. Any suggestions would be very welcome on how to start such a project.

started by: thisislondon · last update: 1523343148 · posted: 1522500477

Hi all, Finally decided to build my house and I am wondering for any first hand recommendation for an architect in Limassol. I fell in love with a house plan but the company that is selling the plans is in Quebec Canada so even if I purchase it, I understood that a local architect needs to approve and sign. Am I right? I contacted one architect but he wanted to do his own thing design wise, so I don't want to contact anyone trying to push what I don't want. I was hoping to either get someone to look at the plans and make them from scratch based on what I have in mind, or to sign off the plans after I purchase them from this company. Also I want a steel frame house so this should be taken in consideration for the architect...Any suggestions will be appreciated! I have no idea where to start! After the plans are done, what's next? Thanks! 

started by: Brenmar-663711 · last update: 1522009319 · posted: 1188986198

Can anyone recommend a piano teacher in the Paphos area that we can send our 3 children to, or who could come to us and use our piano?

started by: kilani44 · last update: 1521565362 · posted: 1521565362

Im looking for a housemate to share a beautiful villagehouse in Letymbou (north of Paphos)with me. Would suit mature professional person who wants peace and quiet after abusy days work.  Own double bedroom andsmall sitting area with fantastic views. Shared kitchen and main lounge. Small pool and bbq in garden also. 200 euros per month plus share ofbills.If interested please email me on krazykatzmicrocafe@hotmail.com  And I can provide more information andpicturesAdele

started by: John Costello · last update: 1521025701 · posted: 1519907400

Hello all,I aim to relocate to Paphos, Cyprus in October 2018.   I presume the procedure on arrival in Cyprus is to go straight to the immigration office in Paphos with the required documentation in order to get a MEU3 'yellow slip' ?   (I presume the MEU1 is now defunct) What documentation will they need ?   From what I read in the past they need -1. photocopies of passport, 2. passport sized photos, 3. tenancy agreement, 4. proof of private health insurance  (over what period?, one year?)5. proof of income from all sources (job in Cyprus, investments, pension etc) of at least €9,568 for a single person and €11,148 for someone with one dependent. 6. Anything else ??As I get an income from UK stocks and shares, will immigration need to see a Cyprus bank statement showing the payments going in ?   Or will the printed dividend notifications that I get from my UK stockbroker be sufficient ?Thanks

started by: Jon-Board-924120 · last update: 1520284299 · posted: 1520284299

Hi I'm looking for someone reliable to do a few changeovers on a 3 bed house in paphos,Please contact me if interested  thanks Jon.

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