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Hi , does anyone know how how to fix an android tv box that will not boot up ? 


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Depends on the box, some have a very small hole on the bottom, insert a pin and push slightly, in there is a reset button, hold it in and plug the box in, it should boot and factory reset.

the other thing i have come across is the on off switch sticks (off) and wont switch on, you can open the box and free the button.

good luck.


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Hi All,


I have spent the last year or so looking into the possibilities of “Android TV” I was that impressed with its functionality that this is all I use now. I receive UK TV, I can watch films whenever I like & catch up on all the missed episodes of my favourite series. Many other channels are available to watch sport and so on. The best thing is, there is no monthly subscription. 

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HI mac,

What speed is the CPU? your RAM is 1GB DDR3 the new standard is 2GB?

At €150 I would be looking at a dual Mali minimum 400 with a quad core CPU runnimg at 1,8 Mhz, 2GB RAM with an AnTuTu bench mark test in the region of 10,000.

What bench mark are you getting on your sets?


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Hi Souvla,

Your right, these types of devices come in many flavours as does the price tag. We are not looking at playing HALO here, all we want to do is stream a bit of TV & watch HD films. These units do that with ease and more. They load quickly and move through the apps with ease surly that’s all we are interested in.  Some people have the knowledge to set up these systems by themselves, others are thankful for a little help.

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There is a new model (XBM) with built in web camera and mic, great for skype, well worth looking at when you restock, (Top spec with 2Mb RAM)

A lot of expats like to Skype so why not do it on your full size screen (TV).



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That is interesting I will take a look at it. Skype is very popular & is a good way to stay in touch with the family. For all those using Android TV Boxes, it is possible to run Skype on your box in the background.  All you have to do is connect a standard USB web cam (don’t spend too much on it) and you will be able to make free video calls & use it for VoIP call. Android has become a very stable, multifunctional platform which is probably being under used at the moment. I am sure it will become more popular as users begin to discover all of its possibilities.


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Hi Mac

Take a look at this, very fast and does everything you say, you can add a VPN and the camera and Mic are great for Skype.

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