Apple iphone or Samsung Omnia?

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Can anyone recommend these phones? I have done a compare on but the thing is... will they work to their full extent in Cyprus?

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They both will work in that you can make/receive calls/texts and use most of the applications. You will not be able to send MMS messages on either phone as the networks here do not support them. You will be able to send/rceive e-mails through the 3G connection though.

The I-Phone maps/gps will not work, Access to the internet can be slow depending on location and you will need a UK/US credit/debit card to access the i-tunes store or use the vouchers. The camera is also very poor quality compared to most rivals.

The Samsung will suffer the same problem with maps unless terranav is compatible with it. Access to the internet can be slow and I'm not sure whether you can download music/applications etc direct from the internet.

Personally it depends whether you like apple's I-phone interface or prefer the Omnia interface, if it is for fun (mostly music and access to internet) I would get the i-phone, if it is for business I would forget them both and get the new Blackberry Storm.

Blackberry Storm:


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