Are there any Beeswax suppliers in Cyprus

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Does anyone know of a supplier of Beeswax? My wife is looking to buy some for use in making cosmetics  thanks Jordy

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DavidClark-715764 1444409578

If all else fails, Amazon sells beeswax pellets and will ship to Cyprus (using Prime)

tonypp 1444480950

Hello, What amount are you looking for? Tony

jordy-690236 1444485087

Hi Tony,  3Kgs initially, then more as required,



duncananderson 1444559044

There is a honey provider in Chlorakas who sells all bee products. It's just off the main road next to the English Butcher.

journo-666338 1444588112

Or simply leave a message for your local bee keepers on one of their hives :-)

jordy-690236 1444591094

Thanks Duncan, I'll give them a visit 

Graham S 1444593394

I don't know where you're based, but I would thnk Taliotis in Trimiklini would sell it; it's a honey/bee products shop.

Marios -Charalambous-957911 1584547720

For bees Wax, you can contact me.  99 662285 Marios

Bees Wax  15 euro per Kg ,, suitable for candle making etc.

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