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Helo, I would love for someone to answer a question that comes up frequently in conversation. We thought Casino's were not allowed in Cyprus, yet you keep seeing more and more of these places popping up. What is the deal? Also what about these emails you sometimes get from places helping you find the best deals if you want to gamble. I got one from the other day and its some sort of site that helps you find the best deals to go to casinos. How do these sites fund themselves?

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Hello Smudger,

It depends on your definition of a 'Casino' various forms of gambling are allowed / legal here.

A few years ago (2006 or 2007 I think) there was discussion, and the Government commissioned a report, into the viability of casinos. 1000's of people cross into the north to gamble and the Government looked into tapping into this revenue. As I recall they were looking at resort casino's and exclusive casino's - can't remember what the two terms meant exactly. Then the recession hit and it all went quiet.

As for the emails it's likely the companies who send them to you work on a click through commission basis. You see the email and click on the link to find out more. The company will get a few cents per click. Say they are sending 100,000 emails they don't need many click throughs to make a tidy sum.


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hi last year i worked in a bookies (yes i know there is no gambling in cyprus) but guess what this bookies has 80 shops on the island and they are a english company STANLEY BET. all the bets are taken and then sent via the internet to gibralter and malta so no tax is payable. the casinos you see are working the same way. all are on line casinos via the internet all routed to a few different countries. hey this is cyprus no gambling allowed!!!!

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