Cyprus Recruitment Agencies Misleading People

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Enough is enough. Cyprus’ economy is indeed struggling and unemployment increasing. Yet all the new recruitment agencies here in Cyprus – I say new as they are relatively new when compared to more mature markets such as the UK and US where recruitment agencies have been the driving force for two decades, and then this also makes the ones in Cyprus much less experienced – continue to post adds of all these jobs here. It’s time the truth be told so people know what they are u against. Some of these jobs in Cyprus posted online are real, and many are not. Why would they post ‘fake adds’ online you ask…? Here are two very simple and strategic reasons: They entice people to apply and thereby leave their resume and credentials. This then allows the recruitment agency to increase their database of human resources and put them in a position to be able to boast how large their database is when employers do come looking for personnel. Internet marketing and search engine optimisation purposes. The more content they post – either on their own website or on third party websites such as job seeking portals – the more exposure they generate for their own company/brand and the better they rank on search engines such as Google. Especially since they are using specific key words such as “jobs”, “Cyprus” “bank”, “Forex” or whatever other industry. They might think it’s harmless and ultimately still helping. But the contrary. It is demoralising, sends out false hopes, wastes people time – just because they might be unemployed does not necessarily mean they have the time to waste on fake jobs, and indeed should actually be spending their time applying for genuine jobs or doing meaningful things – and I am sure unprofessional, if not illegal business practice. Actually, sure it is illegal. It is just blatantly lying, and thereby false advertising. It is time it stopped. Time the Cyprus government cracked down on it. And time the European Commission Ministry of Justice stepped in on grounds to protect traders and consumers against misleading advertising. - I have worked as a HR specialist in Cyprus and abroad for over 15 years

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