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Well here we are back in the UK as we have just returned from Cyprus boo hoo !! but with good news whilst we were out there. We had been owed money by a local development company in Larnaca and couldn't get it back from them - our lawyer was a friend of the debtor so we were having big problems. My brother suggested getting hold of a debt collector but we couldn't find one on google so I posted a question on one of the forums asking was there a firm of debt collectors - I was contacted by the boss of the CY Group and they took the case on for us in August. We arrived at our apartment on September 12th and on the morning of Thursday September 13th we had a phone call and the company had been on the case and they had recovered all of our money and all of it in cash !! So I want to let everyone out there know that there is a company that can help if you are owed money - they do it on a no win no fee basis !! They are extremely polite, honest and trustworthy - I can't praise them enough. Hope nobody minds if I put their details on here as I can't thank them enough or praise them highly enough and I think if we had gone through the legal system out there we would be waiting for another 2/3 years and have been a lot more out of pocket. They are the CY Group you can email them at or call them in Cyprus on (00357) 999 33 886 and speak to Jason or Martin alternatively from the UK they have another number 0871 996 9357 They do lots of other things as well so they are certainly worth contacting if you have any problems with debts owed out there or security issues. If anyone wants any more information just email me off forum and I will tell you more about them. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all :lol: :idea:


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What a heartening story. Congratulations and esp. well done for breaking the lawyer /developer relationship. This must be wonderful news to so many others who are owed money, and getting money out of anybody for a debt in Cyprus is just about impossible- how about somebody objecting to being that in Cyprus.!!!!!

Talking of reliability and trustworthiness, I need somebody to hold the keys of a property, to show people around on sale advertising (nothing else).

I need relaibility, and just cannot trust estate agents, hence the above approach. Do you think your contacts will take on such a task.





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I have sent you some information by email - let me know if you need any more help and I will do all that I can

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Have you thought of going in with a property management company?

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This posting is two years old,maybe someone can update,or have they returned to the UK too?


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With reference to my original posting - it seems that there wasn't enough work doing debt collection and the two guys that ran it are now doing other things - why not do as I did and put a question on this forum and also the Eastern Forum and maybe someone will get in touch with you - Good luck

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Debt collection in Cyprus is something relatively new and although it has been tried on smaller scales with varied levels of success, until now it had never been approached as a viable solution for the credit problem in Cyprus.

Commercial Credit Management is just such a firm that concentrates solely on debt collections of all types in and around Cyprus on a No Win-No Fee basis,

I found them more than helpful and extremely professional in their approach and understanding of my problem. English and Greek speaking staff are there to help at their Limassol office and their expert legal team explained all options clearly.

I would urge anyone in need of collection services or legal support to speak to them first on 25 723 000 the website is

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Does anyone know if letters from lawyers are effective in making people pay their debts?

We may have to go down this route for arrears in common expenses fees. A lawyer we have been in contact with insists that people quickly pay up after a letter from him but I am rather sceptical about this. People who owe money know that they have to be taken to court to force them to pay and know this is expensive so most people won't bother to go this far.

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I think it all depends on the 'lawyer' ))) but can be worth a try, the lawyer track may involve fees for services up to trial...check for that.
Other option is no win no fee collection from my last post above :)))))

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I have a dispute with a Cypriot Property Developer and he does not want to pay my promotional Marketing Fee - Would you kindly advise a good debt collector specialized in such cases. Regards

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