Drain Tech

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Does anyone know if Drain Tech is still in business. We have been trying to contact them for the last few days, without any success.

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Cyprusbabe 1346544429

Their offices are near Pizza Hut, Geroskipou, not far from Debenhams. Might be worth a drive past if you live near enough

sambo-741780 1346547220

No they moved from there to Emba last year

FISHIES 1346576243

Presume you have tried the phone number on website and the contact e-mail form as well???

gralane 1346579357

contact dts sunset bar tomb of the kings road, they will get you in touch immediatly

sambo-741780 1346629025

Yes with no luck Thanks anyway

Eddie-664363 1346683116

They were closed for annual holidays. Try this number 99785691

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