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I am moving out in April/May (probably Limassol area) with my husband and 3 year old daughter, we were hoping to send her to a Greek school/day nursery but have heard mixed reports and some people saying that they would only send their kids to an English school. What are your views? we felt that as she would be growing up in another country then Greek would be the best option, does anyone have any advice or experience with the Greek School System? Thanks All

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achilleas 1139197384

If you plan to stay in Cyprus then learnng Greek is a good option, especially for small children as they will be able to make more friends.

Most adults know some English to a greater or lesser extent.

As far as the schools are concerned, there are both good and bad wherever you go - the Cypriot school system is pretty good, but you may need to top up in extra private lessons at an older age for those subjects that they are weak in.

Picklepie-659761 1139507502

I think it depends on what your plans are long term.

If you plan to return to the UK in the next few years I would go for the international schooling as your child will be taught mostly the UK national curriculum and will be able to slot back in easily when you return.

If, as Achilleas says, however, you are planning to make your move to Cyprus permanent, it would be a good idea to choose a Greek school so your child can integrate fully and learn the language as quickly as possible (having said that they will almost certainly learn Greek at international school as well, but only as a foreign language, not spoken every day).

Personally, we will probably return to the UK at some point during our children's education, so have chosen an English school.

I hope that helps.


Picklepie-659761 1139507604

By the way, if you do choose the English schooling route, I can recommend a very good English nursery if you email me.  You might even want to choose an English nursery until you make your mind up about Greek or English Primary school.

Jenny 1139563354

If you are looking at English speaking pre-schools and nurseries, have a look at this link to some of them:

Hope that helps.


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