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Just received our electricity Bill for the period Jan to March, nearly had a Heart attack, over 360 Euros (2011 units used)!!!!!! What is making it more difficult to believe is that our Bill for Nov 07 to Jan 08 is almost exactly the same (2088 units used)(5.2 more units used) during this time we had Family staying with us for over 3 weeks, so tonnes more Electric was being used. We don't have a pool and don't use the Air con units, we have been using 2 oil filled Radiators but only for an hour in the mornings and a couple of hours at night to warm the Bedrooms. I have examined both bills and everything seems to be in order but i still think something is not quiet right ? Has anyone else noticed a dramatic rise in their bills ? Regards, J.E.

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filbell 1207649071

Hi James, what have you being doing with your electric? Normal size villa with a pool and 2 of us living here. Used 878 units and thought that was alot!

Do use portable gas fires instead of electric to heat the rooms. Gas bottle €11 to buy and lasts about 10 days. Main advantage is that it is pre paid so no nasty bills later.

I am sorry James how can you use over 2000 units of electric in 2 months?


Birdynumnum 1207650030

Hi James

I have a three bedroom villa with pool and my bill was Euro 200 so if I were you I would get that checked. Some friends of mine pay Euro 300 per month for electric but this is paid straight to the landlord without seeing a bill!!!!

marian-662100 1207650335

Our electricity account was VERY HIGH also. We used 1500 units and we only use 2 rooms PLUS we used 2 cylinder of gas every ten days! We do cook by elecricity and I did use the tumble dryer a few times and had the air conditioning on in the bedroom for an hour at night. Our daughter in the UK was £519 STERLING for 3 months for her electric and gas. This was the highest electricity account we have ever had. It cost us 286 eures. We were told the cost of electric had gone up and the electricity board wants to increase it even more.

scottish marian

shouse 1207652458

i received my electricity bill on friday and nearly had a heart attack, very bad start to my weekend.

it came at 285CY/486 euros

I only have a small 3bed villa but i do have a pool which is on for 4 hours a day. I know the kids have been using the Ac in their room in the evening but this absolutely ridiculous. I thought of having it checked out but when i read the meter it seemed to be right.

The cost of electricity has gone up a lot in Cyprus.


Devil-662132 1207652680

You do realise that all the electricity you use is generated by burning oil? Heavy fuel oil, to be precise. Guess what? A barrel of crude is now worth $108, where it was &lt1;$80 a few months ago. So, yes, the price of electricity rises pro rata.

Where this has hit us hard is that we have cheap-tariff storage heating, and the cost-of-oil supplement is the same/kWh for all the tariffs, so our heating bill has almost doubled. Our neighbours have oil-fired central heating, and his has almost doubled, as well, so we aren't complaining too much and he has much more hassle than we do!. Our bill for heating and household (100% electric) for the last 2 months (obviously the worst ones, as aircon in the summer uses much less than heating in the winter) is a tad over €1,000: our neighbour buys a tankful of oil per month in the winter at €450 a go. This is what it takes to heat a badly insulated house!


shouse 1207653061

thanks for that devil, although short from sitting in the dark and not cooking i dont know what else to do, in order to save fuel. LOL lets hope things change and the prices will drop, although i wont hold my breath on that one.

Still, when you consider that in Cyprus you only have the fuel and phone bill to consider its not so bad.


zhanetek 1207656884

Last year i had fight with them about electricity. i wasnt at home we have 2 bedroom flat and bill came every 2 months 180pounds. After they cut and i wrote it on my name for new bill. So first bill came 43pounds next one 28 pounds and now in winter 188euros (about this i agree coz we used air condition in the nights).
Its very painful to speak about electricity for me coz they r really cheating people.
One my friend got crazy when bill came 350pounds. She fight with them after they checked meters and next one came 3pounds.
Must go there and speak coz otherwise bill will came approximately the same.

kazanddave 1207658181

Hi James

Are you counting the last digit on your meter? its in a red box. Maybe your readings are 201.1 units used.

The electric board sometimes use estimated figures for usage and can differ vastly from your actuall usage. Double check the figures on your meter and your bill.

mr minister-659979 1207658846

must agree james that is a steep bill.....

just worked it out and compaired it to my rate in the u.k and i think its your rate per unit you need to look at not your consumption. your unit price is .179 cents or 14.2 uk pence per unit. all tarriffs in the u.k have just been increased and i now pay the cheapest i can find at 8.9 uk pence per unit inc standing charge.... so a bit over half what you pay

like someone said on here global energy prices are now at record levels with oil $108 a barrel and i would not think cyprus consumers have a big choice of suppliers so prices not competitive.

see if you can switch to a cheaper rate

regards a warm comfortable u.k householder £80 ish per 1/4

Devil-662132 1207661077

The cost of electricity in Cyprus is not exorbitant and is well within the international norms. In many parts of the USA, for example, it is much higher/kWh. I can cite only 2006 figures, when we paid about CYP 0.06/kWh (equivalent then to ~USD 0.10). In the same year, the average price in California was USD 0.1433, in New York State, 0.1689, in Massachusetts, 0.1660 and in Hawaii a whopping $0.2335. My US friends are complaining also about massive increases since then, so I guess they are still paying, on average, about 50% more than we do.

Switzerland is offering householders solar and wind electricity at USD0.65-0.70/kWh: do you want that? Or would you prefer the Japanese tariff of USD 0.23/kWh?

So where have electricity prices increased the least? France, to start with, at about $0.08/kWh, but then nearly 80% of their electricity is nuclear. Switzerland, where 100% of their electricity is non-fossil fuel (36% nuclear 58% hydroelectric and 4% household garbage incineration, the rest odds and sods).

So, what's the answer to cheap electricity? It is looking more and more strongly in favour of nuclear but could you imagine that in this country? A EurPR reactor would be the ideal solution but no government would have the balls to even suggest it.


kazanddave 1207661605

Over the past 18 months our electricity has cost us around £30 per month, this includes all our heating and cooling costs. In the UK back in 2006 our combined gas and electricity bill was approx £50 per month in a similar size property that we have now.

Cheshire Cat-667160 1207664091

We can in France have our electricity calculated for the year , it is then divided into 10 equal amounts, at the end of the year if we have paid too much we can either have a rebate or have a credit for the electricity.

It is paid by direct debit from our bank and it does make it easier to budget for. Maybe Cyprus does the same. It does save getting nasty shocks in the post.

Cheshire Cat

verymadwoman 1207666301

Do you leave your emersion heater on for long periods...... this eats the electric. A friend left hers on for 2 weeks by accident whilst back in uk and her bill was enormous.

I have a 3 bed house, no pool, 2 kids, aircon use was very minimal for the said period but we did have a couple of small halogen heaters on plus 2 gas heaters to heat the house. Emersion was on an hour in morning and an hour in evening and our bill was 260 euros however this did include 20 euros for an emergency call out when the mains box blew up!!! and i thought this was high!!!

P. Wright

anna-sh 1207670090

Verymadwoman is right the imersion heater is VERY expensive, we also have a 3 bed house, no pool, 2 gas heaters, + the A/C which were used in the morning & evening ( cheaper than oil filled radiators) as we proved from last years bill which was 189.00cyp compared to this years which was 99cyp 169euro.

40 mins in the morning & evening for the imersion when we had no sun!


JAMES ECCLES 1207676598

To answer a few questions, i have checked all the digits, meter readings, previous bills etc etc and they all add up. We do use the immersion heater in the mornings and evenings but i suppose everybody else does. We only have it on for an hour or so each time. My bill for the same period last year was CY£94.03 (161 EUROS) then it started to come down to CY£44.28 (76 EUROS) for July to Sept ?????

We have moved house since but have not changed our usage of Electric except for having to use an Electric oven & Hob ? I have read the meter this morning and it calculates we have used 354 units since the meter was last read (17/3/08) this sounds about right ( i think ) so where the hell is the other thousands of units being used ? We have no outside socket so it isn't being used (stolen) that way, i personally think the meter is playing up.Am i in my rights to ask the Electric Co to check it or refuse to pay the bill until they do?



Cheshire Cat-667160 1207678212

I would get the Electric board to come and check the meter if I were you. Ours played up once.

Cheshire Cat

Devil-662132 1207680386

The meters CAN go wrong, but it is very rare, indeed. The problem is that if they check it and find nothing wrong, you are landed with a bill for the time lost by the technician, minimum €35.

You have certainly no right to withhold payment. You pay first, argue the toss and, if necessary get a credit. Witholding=interests accrued + no electricity + a disconnection charge + a reconnection charge when you have coughed up.


kmichael 1207684100

Hi James,

I believe you have something wrong there... your bill is too high. I run a 4 bedroom house with a large pool. The pool pump and the well pump use most of the electricity, but the biggest bill I have had is 260 CY£ for 2 months during the summer, this was with all the air-con units on at night etc etc. I now have PV panals that generate about 90CY£ permonth just in the winter.. so it covers all my bills. worth a look at if you own the property. but get you bill / meter checked first!


JAMES ECCLES 1207684175

We will certainly speak to the Electric Authority before we make any payment as there is something not right here, this afternoon i had the immersion, hob & Radiator all on at the same time to see how it affected the meter ! Nothing ?? A friend of mine had the same problem a couple of years ago, his bills were going thru the roof, he managed to get his Meter changed. He has since 'sold up' and moved back to the UK ( but thats a different story)

Will keep you all informed and if you know of anyone who's bill has 'rocketed' it would be interesting to know.


mash-665789 1207686137

Don't forget about the boiler which is heating Your water when is not enough sunshine.This monster is using a lot of electricity.My last received bill was 380€ but something wasn't paid before so fine for delay was included :(.



JAMES ECCLES 1207687013

We are a family of 3. so contacted a few friends to see how much their Bills are, just had a reply from good friends who are a family of 6, have a bigger house and a pool. Their Bill .............................................???

€900. Yes its not a mistake. ''NINE HUNDRED EUROS''. They also have friends in a flat whose bill was €600. !!!!!!!!!!

''God help us''


Cheshire Cat-667160 1207689961


I really feel that you are being taken for a ride with this.

Our Electricity here is €1,300 per year, Divided into 10 monthly payments , yes it goes up every year but not that much, that is €130 per month. I have oil fired central heating, and I my kitchen is all electric , no gas at all. I am nervous of it.

Our bills in Cyprus were always MUCH higher than our Cypriot friends and I never understood why.

By the way I am in France. I cannot afford Cyprus.

Cheshire Cat

pauljbent 1207693047

Hi there, are those friends in oroklini too? Would be interesting to know if oroklini is getting charged more due to large english population.


Cheshire Cat-667160 1207696187

Hi Fiona,

We Lived in Episkopi and Our Cypriot Friends lived in Kolossi, and another in Limassol. We compared bills with them, and although we had a larger house, there were still only 4 people using the electricity. We became suspicious. Our neighbours who were English had largish bills too.

I felt that if you had a foriegn name, that maybe you were put on a higher tarrif. I know that a long time ago some people from the Arab states had a habit of running up huge bills and then just leaving, not just electricity but phone as well. I was told this by one of the guys who came to fix something one day and I had no reason to doubt him.

Cheshire Cat

anna-sh 1207727792

Hi James

Get the electricity company out to check everything!!

A friend of mine just had her 800euro bill!!!!!!! was shocked as has no pool etc, she brought them out to check her meter which was correct, the so called electric centrel heating she has from the EAC is supposed to be economic & she told them this they just said ELECTRIC has gone up!! she is cypriot!!!


Spanner-666908 1207728753

It is quite easy to check if your charges are in anyway higher than a local persons.

The bills show the tariff charged for each range of units and you can check this against your neighbours rates. Dwellings in close proximity are normally on the same billing cycle, so although the surcharges vary depending on the billing date, the comparison should be simple to do.

As far as I am aware, the only discrimination is regarding whether you pay a deposit or not. This is slightly illegal, but I got round this with my permanent residence status and a fair bit of arguing.

"In the works"

susanbunny 1207731298

We thought ours was high at 168 Euros. For 3 bed villa with pool. We have fitted at timer to the emersion and also the aircon, so they can be used or half an hour, an hour or two hours at a time. These cost 60 Euros each fitted. call 99799355 to get yours done the price is for the Paphos area.


Ally-659950 1207733808

Regarding the tariffs for domestic customers, I believe they depend mostly upon what sort of meter you have i.e. single rate or two-rate (e.g. normal / peak etc). And it is possible to change to another rate, but I believe it requires some intervention to reconfigure the meter - the EAC can advise upon this and whether it is possible and would save money in your case. I would give them a call, as in any case they would be able to explain why the bill is so high. I don't think you are alone here, I've heard a number of people, Cypriot and other, say that their last bill was exceptionally high.

Cheshire Cat-667160 1207736487

I don't think it is regarded as descrimination, they are or were covering their backs in case someone did a runner.

Cheshire Cat

Devil-662132 1207736786

Conspiracy theories again! Nationality has notthing to do with it. All their tariffs are published and open to inspection. Nationality has NOTHING to do with it. You pay for what you consume and the increases are due to commodity prices for oil. It's as simple as that. Look at the EAC site.


Ally-659950 1207737903

Devil is correct, if you look at the EAC site, it has the following:

"Fuel Adjustment Clause:

In euro: In each bi-monthly period, the price of each unit (kWh) charged shall be increased or decreased by 0,00138 cent in euro for every 5 cent (in euro) increase or decrease in the cost of fuel above or below €85,43 per metric tonne as defined by the Authority in the bi-monthly period. "

The bill shows the price per unit, both basic and with current fuel prices, so you could work out from this whether it is higher than usual (highly likely, given the cost of oil). If it is the number of units that is high, on the other hand, then maybe have the meter checked.

JAMES ECCLES 1207743342

Just to keep you updated, my Wife went to the Electric Co this morning to query the last 2 bills which we have had and how high they are, after asking her ''do you use this'' or ''do you use that'' they came to the conclusion that it is 'winter' and it was the Oil filled Radiators and Immersion heater that was using the Excess Electric. As i have stated we had them on for an hour in the mornings and a couple of hours at night, the radiators were on timers as well. The Immersion is never left on too long as we have to pass the switch when entering the bedroom and landing ? We stopped using the Radiators a couple of weeks ago so it will be interesting to see our next bill. We are now taking daily meter readings to see if for some unknown reason we have a 'massive' jump in usage and also to get an average daily consumption, we will then compare them to the same period last year !

Will keep you all informed and thanks for your replies.



johnners-660966 1207747991

Hi James,

Your bill is on the high side. Certainly get the meter checked but do some checking of things for yourself too.

Make sure your fridge and freezer are switching on and off properly once they are down to temp. It's not uncommon for the thermostat switch to stick on. So the motor will be running all the time. Something you won't normally notice, but if it stuck in the off position you would notice that as it would defrost the foodstuff. A freezer running all the time (eg: 60 minutes instead of 20 minutes per hour) could explain the increase.

Also see if you can borrow an electric usage sensor. It monitors the minute by minute use of power. Our friends let us borrow theirs just to check things in our house. You'll be amazed what you can save by switching things off as opposed to leaving them on standby.


bill&eva 1207760594


One thing to bear in mind is that a lot of immersion heaters do not have thermostats fitted so they don't switch off when the required temp is reached and ending up acting like a large electric kettle .

My neighbours were blissfully unaware of this and had huge bills to pay over the last winter ~ I have fitted a Horstman E30 timer switch in the immersion heater circuit which gives a choice of the heater being switched off automatically after 30 mins / 1 hour or 2 hours ~ it's certainly saved me money since I've fitted this timer as I often forgot to switch the immersion heater off previously.

They are available in Cyprus at around CY£45 ( old money ) or if you can get someone to bring one from the UK they are only £25 ~~ well worth the money and it will pay for it's self during one winter period with the money saved .


Cheshire Cat-667160 1207768306


Sorry I have upset you, but I repeated to you what was expalined to me by a Cypriot electrician. I will for sure not try to help again.


Cheshire Cat

amylou-666706 1207771761

We have the aforementioned electric underfloor heating, boy does that spin the meter, first time we've used it, was told it is very cheap to run due to it being zonal.

what rubbish!! we used as per the manual, and on timers to cut the cost.

we used over 4500 units, yes i know we should have checked the meter first time it came on, once bitten twice shy now though.

our bill was 961 euros, explains why our bill was 1 week later than everybody elses, they were checking everything to make sure it was correct, usual bills are around 200 euros.

it won't be getting used next year!! gas fire and electric blankets for us, (are they expensive to run?) lol

if you ask in the electric board they do have different tarrifs on offer, if i can find the sheet i will put it on here.

Mick, Pyla

jane-pegeia 1207773675

Hi James, you certainly have received a few replies. I live in Pegeia and the electric bills are the talk of the village. I can only put mine down to the single oil filled radiator that I have been using through the winter but still experienced a 100% increase from the last bill and that included a cold month. My friends have lived here longer and have no differences in their electric use but all believe that the meter is spining quicker. Just as well I packed the jumpers. Regards Jane

Regards, Jane

jane g-664209 1207818146

Hello James,

Sympathies with the high electricity bill - I too was horrified to receive mine last time and think that the way the EAC has acted is appalling. I understand that the basic cost of fuel has greatly increased but the lack of information is shameful . We do our best to economise and not waste energy but even so the bill I have just received is 50 euros over my estimation .

I have heard of lots of people complaining - i do not know how older people on state pensions are managing. I do agree with cheshire cat - I also lived in France ( oh happy days) - and the system of an estimated yearly amount divided over 10 months is much easier to cope with and budget for.

A cheap alternative to installing a timer to switch off the immersion is to use a kitchen timer to remind you - works for me!


Tcheena 1207819967

Hi everyone, we have been a bit shocked by the cost of electricity too, but lived in LEbanon before where it is even more expensive than here and only comes on intermittently (bit like the water here now!). I did see this product advertised in a magazine http://www.reuk.co.uk/Electrisave-Wireless-Electricity-Monitor.htm which is a great idea, but I dont know if it would work here. Does anyone have one? and if so, does it work here or do any sparkies out there know if it would? I can't see why it wouldn't and I'm sure we would soon recoup the 50 pound cost.

what goes around comes around...

Devil-662132 1207828061

I see no reason why it should not work, but is it useful? It may indicate your total consumption at the time you look at it, but it does not tell you what is consuming your juice. I suggest this:
would be more useful as you can see what each appliance consumes, even when it is apparently switched off. Note you don't want to keep it on all the time, as it adds 20 W to the consumption!


pattie-662040 1207940960

well l am been told that we pay towards the cost for the electricity for the North of Cyprus?

Ally-659950 1207950364

Hi Pattie, that's not the case - last summer, or was it the summer before, I cannot remember, EAC supplied extra electricity to the North and was paid for this. Apart from this, there is an EAC substation in the North that supplies electricity on both sides - but the customers on the South side do not pay extra for this, they pay just the normal tariffs, according to whether they are domestic, commercial, whatever............. the figures regarding this are available in their annual report, I think.

Miguel-661697 1208089225


I bought the Electrisave Wireless Electricity Monitor last year. It was easy to install (just clip on to the meter wire) and the first electricity bill that I received after installing it showed that I had reduced electric consumption to the lowest level over four years for the same two month period. It is amazing to see how much power is being used when each item is switched on. It becomes a bit of a 'challenge project' to see how low you can get the usage showing on the metre. I switched things off at the mains when I didn't need them on, didn't leave things on standby all night, didn't leave the oven on for longer than I needed it, boiled the kettle with only the amount of water that I needed (it's a big electricity user). The meter is sat to my left most of the time and I can get 'reminded' that something has been left on. One of the best gadgets I've bought in years and with the electricity rate increases ongoing, I have managed to reduce the size of the bills. The cost of the item was paid for by the reduction in the first electricity bill. Recommended.

Miguel-661697 1208090566

Sorry, I've just realised that what I bought was 'Efergy - the energy saving meter'. It looks much the same as the Electrisave Wireless Electricity Monitor and does the same thing.

ABHAY KUMAR-SINGH-961051 1589232572

I made a payment of electricity bill  (Limassol) on wrong check digits , what should I do ?

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