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I need to fly to Turkey and thinking of doing it from Ercan airport. Has anyone done something like this? What are the implications? Will I have troubles traveling via Larnaka airport in the future? Any tips?

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I think it depends on your passport. The best place to ask is your Embassy.

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there are no problems at all, I have flown from Ercan many times. I used to live on the north side. When you cross the border to the north, you will have a visa stamped , its just a piece of paper they stamp instead of your passport.

The airport is maybe 30 mins from Metehan/ Agios Dometios border.

if you have UK or cypriot passport, or any other really, you will get a 90 day entry stamp at the border. then at Ercan you will get your exit stamp, and vice cersa when you return.

In Turkey you will need to get a visa stamp before going to passport control, so dont queue up til you have the stamp or you will be there for ages! I think it was about 10YTL for the stamp.

Its not a problem at all, if you need any more info let me know!


Janice King
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suzg 1227011657

Hi, you should check with your embassy to be sure. I live in Larnaca and was in Istanbul last month. I flew from Istanbul to Ercan airport and crossed the border back into the South. You need to make sure that you dont get your passport stamped when you arrive into Ercan aiport. They will give you a white visa slip instead which you will show again at the border crossing when coming back over to the South.

With regards to travelling again out of Larnaca may have a problem but it will depend on whether you hold an EU passport or not. I hold a UK passport and was told by the embassy that i should have no problems as long as i dont mention that i flew in via Ercan. As I have a UK passport they will not check my entry point, therefore I will have no problem.

However, my friend who is an Australian citizen and holds an Australian passport did have problems when flying out of Larnaca. As she holds a non EU passport they checked for her entry point and couldnt find it. They asked her how she entered Cyprus and she had to tell them it was through Ercan. They told her she could not fly out of Larnaca as she had entered Cyprus through an illegal entry point and would have to go back to Ercan and fly from there. She was very very upset and after much discussion they eventually allowed her to board her flight from Larnaca.

I would check with your embassy to be sure.


matahary 1227019901

I have non-EU passport, but I live in Cyprus and I entered/exited Cyprus many time via Larnaka's "legal" point of entry.

So from what I gather, if they don't stamp my passport in Ercan or Istanbul it will be ok? Do they agree to stamp a piece of paper instead of passport page in Istanbul airport?

And few more questions, what is the best way to get to Ercan from Nicosia? Car ? Is there a place to leave a car for 10 days in Ercan? Is there a taxi service that goes to the other side?

suzg 1227021745

i would double check with your embassy to be sure. i think as long as you have an entry point via republic of cyprus you will be ok but best to check with your embassy anyway to avoid any problems. remember to ensure your passport is not stamped and you request the white visa slip instead. im not sure if the taxi companies in the south will take you over to the north. i flew out of Larnaca to Greece then Turkey and back to Cyprus into Ercan airport and got a taxi from outside Ercan airport. The taxi wouldnt take us across the border into the south but dropped us at the Ledra Palace crossing, we walked over the border then got another taxi back home to larnaca. You could take your car across the border at Agios Dometios (Nicosia). Just be aware that your car insurance for the South is not valid in the North so you will have to purchase insurance that covers you for driving in the North. I'm not sure about parking at Ercan but i'm sure the airport must have a websit that you can look at.


suzg 1227021870

i forgot to say.....its ok to get your passport stamped in Istanbul. Its only back in North Cyprus that you need to avoid the stamp


gedmands 1227022595

I have yet to fly from Ercan but have passed it several times to/from Kyrenia and it has a large car park which, I understand, has a fairly nominal daily rate. As previously mentioned you will need seperate insurance for your car in the North. This can easily be puchased at the crossing point and costs around 25 Euros for a months cover (now the minimum period).

On your other query, no problem whatsoever getting them to stamp your "piece of paper" (Visa) instead of your passport, they do it as a matter of course. You just need to enter your name, nationality and passport number on it.

Have a good trip.


carolle-666573 1227049653

Thanks a lot to everyone :)

I couldn't expect a fuller answer

VinnyC-673555 1227130638

I use Ercan all the time its a great little airport and the flights are on time. Security in the airport has been stepped up so give yourself at least 90 minutes before the flight leaves.

Parking is YTL5 a day and there is ample parking at the airport. Make sure you have the YTL. You pay when you arrive and when you leave you just drive straight out.

The visa in Turkey is UK£10 for three months, just go to the visa office/window before passport control. (You can pay in pounds, YTL, € or $)

Flight time to Istanbul 1hour 15, best company in my view is Atlasjet, then KATY, then Pegasus. Average cost return is UK£100 or €120, you can book on line and print your ticket

Enjoy your trip,



PS. Where are you going in Istanbul??? I always use the tram and metro its very cheap and quick.

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Hi there, 

I am non-EU passport holder, living in the south, and with work permit. 

I am planning to travel to Istanbul from Ercan airport. I understand from the preivous conversation that we should get stamped on your passport at Ercan, but how about a case in Istanbul airport?

I dont want to get stampted at even in Istanbul airport as if they- migration office may find a stamp from Turkey, they may wonder where I got it. Can we still use the extra paper for us to ask the passport control at Istanbul airpot to stamp on the extra paper or there is no choise?

I want to know clearly as there is no embassy of mine in cyprus, and those in Istanbul or Athenes, they are not so much aware of Cyrus matters...I like to know opinions from non EU residents. 

Many thanks


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Please I wish to know if I can leave Cyprus through the north if I entered through the south. I have a UK passport. I also wish to know if my passport will be stamped upon entry in the south and what will I need to exit through the Ercan airport in the north?


Nkwain-Morgan-957693 1584262586


Please I wish to know if I can leave Cyprus through the north if I entered through the south. I have a UK passport. I also wish to know if my passport will be stamped upon entry in the south and what will I need to exit through the Ercan airport in the north?


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