How is life in Trachoni, Limassol?

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Hello,We are thinking to move in Trachoni, Limassol. And would like to know, from those living there, if it is a good place to stay? Any feedback will be very much appreciated!! Thank you!


Wingnut-669538 1274529632

I used to live there

Quite possibly the worst village in the Limassol area, but the newer built area nearer to Ypsonas is OK.

It's full of horkatous and gangs of kids on noisy bikes, not really my cup of tea.

That's why property prices are cheaper in Trachoni.

Graham S 1274536856

We have friends in Trachoni who are desperate to move out; it has a very poor reputation for vandalism & hooliganism. Not the sort of place to recommend, really...(apologies to anyone who lives in Trachoni & likes it - I'm just reporting my personal experience of the place)


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Hello there, we have lived in Trachoni for 10 years and wouldn't move. We have great Cypriot neighbours and although we live on the main road through, so can be a little noisy at times. Very convenient for the best beach in Cyprus Curium, and just out of town. Hope this helps.

Graham S 1274610815

I'm sure you're right, Wendy - very often the perception of a place from the outside is quite different from the reality. However, the young people of Trachoni do have a poor reputation, not helped by the ever-growing graffiti that no-one seems to care enough to remove (I'm thinking particularly of the ubiquitous "Trachoni Texas" scrawl over walls and road signs). Recently groups of youths from Trachoni - or at least purporting to be from Trachoni - have been making systematic trips up to the mountain villages and defacing our walls and road signs as well - you must admit it doesn't look good for Trachoni........

Wendyb-691275 1274628243

I agree on the graffiti in our village but other youths from other villages have been useing the Trachoni sign to make it look worse for our village youngsters, who i know are not at all innocent, until they get a Muktur who cares nothing will be done. But life could be a lot worse and we keep to ourselves.

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Thank you all for your replays!!! Will consider all this points! Yes, the lower prices of houses and the vicinity to Limassol attracted us to the village.

gazzaga 1308914620

I believe Trachoni is an up and coming place to live. The nnew My Mall is 1 mile away, the new highway link will mean the village is accessible very easily from Paphos or Larnaca ends of the highway. There is also planning approval for a fair bit of development in the Fassouri Plantation including a golf course if Lanitis can supply their own water by desalination.

Karen 51 1308937856

Have you thought of Episkopi, its a nice village, it is right next to the Curium Beach, it has easy access to the motorways for Paphos and Limassol. Excellent food shops, pubs and tavernas and is close to Trachoni. Might be an idea to look slightly further afield than Trachoni.

Hope this helps.


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Is Trachoni Britain or Cyprus? I see a border line on the map crossing through the village. Do I need id to pass from certain roads? Is the sovereign base area served by a british airport or port? If brexit actually happens I will need a passport, visa etc to go see my neighbor??? How is the actual status now?

Thanks, Samuel

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