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I would like to get one as a Christmas present - anyone got ideas as to where I can buy one? I am a Cyprus Newbie, so help needed. Thank, Michael

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EleniLimassol 1323086436

Jumbo have Jewelry boxes, but I am not sure if you mean adult or child. As I think they would be mainly childrens at Jumbo. Or you could try Debenhams.

michaelw-727368 1323096358

Thanks - it is for an adult so I will try Debenhams

shopaholic-670119 1323427244

What about trying at the jewelry shops ? or online ?

cyladybird 1323456829

Hi again, I have just seen some lovely ones in Costas Theodorou shop in My Mall Limassol.
This is a shop selling bags and lether goods etc.

michaelw-727368 1323539047

I was in My Mall today too and saw them - thank you - Michael

evastylianou-689079 1323697309

You can also try at Raounas Jewllery shop in the city center - you can call 99599727 you have nothing to lose



Kevin-Kolidas-966346 1618442439

I want to update the contents of my jewelry box. Advise what is relevant this season?

Celly-Swehykol-986816 1618442953

To make your jewelry stylish and have an individual style, I advise you to pay attention to handmade jewelry sets made of beads and polymer clay. If your collection has such a set of jewelry, then you will match all fashion trends this season.

Monika-Sonmas-995057 1624783354

Of the jewelry, my favorite is Gungra, which is one of many small metal bells joined together to form a gungra, a musical bracelet tied to the feet when performing a classical Indian dance. But Gungru can be of many different types, so in order to accurately choose the Best Ghungroo, you first need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations, I saw a good review of this link . Before you put Gungra on your leg, you must also decide what you need it for, for decoration or for dancing, a lot depends on this.

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