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Hi can you please advise me on who could distribute leaflets for me I am too busy myself and have little means in the way of company to help. I no the post office may help but my initial thoughts of them is that they would cost to much and probably end up on the floor. Does anyone no of another source/company that deals in leaflet distribution.


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Dean, there is a company that deals with this sort of thing, I have searched for you, but I just cannot find them now, it was way back when I had discussions with them, and I think they are based in Nicosia. Are you in Limassol by any chance? If so, just stop at the traffic lights where people hand out these leaflets, and ask them for details to contact their employers. They are often on Griva Digeni, and many other places, particularly on Friday and Saturday. I would hazard a guess its the same in other major areas such as Larnaca, Paphos etc. I found that was the best way for leaflet distribution. It doesn't cost a lot, and they are handed directly to the drivers, who will say no if they are not interested. They are often handed out in bundles with other advertisers promotions, but that would be the same if you used other means.

Other means available to you are the Post Office, like you said, they may be more expensive, but in my experience where I live, they tend to land in my box more often than the last alternative, which is just ask any unemployed person, or someone who wants to earn a bit of extra cash. Chances are you'll get it done cheap, but again, in my experience, there will end up being around 100 leaflets left in the doorway of a bulding that contains only 4 or 6 flats, then if the wind blows up, they are gone.

Anyhow, if you don't manage to find the name of the company, post a message back, and I can stop one of the people distributing at the traffic lights here in Limassol and find out for you.

Good luck

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a good company is called Direct Way Promo in Nicosia  https://www.directway.com.cy/index.php/en/home/

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