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Hi all, Finally decided to build my house and I am wondering for any first hand recommendation for an architect in Limassol. I fell in love with a house plan but the company that is selling the plans is in Quebec Canada so even if I purchase it, I understood that a local architect needs to approve and sign. Am I right? I contacted one architect but he wanted to do his own thing design wise, so I don't want to contact anyone trying to push what I don't want. I was hoping to either get someone to look at the plans and make them from scratch based on what I have in mind, or to sign off the plans after I purchase them from this company. Also I want a steel frame house so this should be taken in consideration for the architect...Any suggestions will be appreciated! I have no idea where to start! After the plans are done, what's next? Thanks! 

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Hi thisislondon

Our architect did a first-class job. We engaged him in 1996 to design and oversee the construction of our house. Unlike others we had spoken to he was very open to our thoughts, ideas and suggestions (I drew up plans on a computer and we met several times to discuss them.).

By the time we moved to Cyprus in 2002 we'd agreed the plans. He then arranged to have Bills of Quantities drawn up and we invited bids from seven registered building contractors.

We selected our contractor after inspecting examples of their work, negotiated our contract and work got underway. It transpired our architect had not worked with the contractor before; he'd been recommend to him by another architect. We only had minor issues that were easily corrected during the build. Our architect visited the site nearly every week to monitor progress and quality

We've now been in the house for fourteen years and apart from redecorating the inside last year we've no problems.

I am very happy with our architect and have no reservations in recommending him to you - Rodion Panayiotou - you can find his contact details on the net.



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Thanks Nigel, it seems that there a lot of work ahead for me but it seems that you had a good experience with your architect, I will consider him. Thanks again! 

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