Nicosia charity shops that take clothes donations?

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Vic G



Good morning all, We are looking to give our cupboards a good clear out and will have some bags of clothes that will be looking for a good home. I would like to donate these to charity. Does anyone know of charity shops in Nicosia that would accept clothes donations? Which charities? Thanks!


mimi30 1262779495

Hi, thanks for your kindness, if there babies things from 0-5years, u can take it to the pregnacycare centre in lydra, i will chech out the the exact address and send to you. Thanks.

Vic G 1262981056

Thanks Mimi, I had heard of the Pregnancy Care centre through a playgroup that I go to. We have a baby and may have one or two bits or bobs to recycle (need to work out what I'll save for the next one!), which I would gladly donate to the PCC. However, I think this time around, we're going to have more adults clothes...

atw26 1263165469

Definitely the Nicosia Dog Shelter charity shop takes clothing donations. From their website ( )
"43 Ganikou Street.
(in the Holiday Inn/Paphos Gate area of the old town) behind St Joseph's Convent and School; follow the road round past the Maronite Church.
Tel: 22 660 413
I would call before heading down there even though they say that the shop is
open from 9.30 am to
12.30 pm daily

Also there's St Paul’s Thrift Shop: Saturday 10:00 to 12:00, St Paul’s church grounds (there was a write-up in the Cyprus Mail but since they've redone their website I rely on the Google cached page).

Alternatively, you could probably donate for the next Cans for Kids sale day although I'm not sure when they would start collecting for that. Cans for Kids raises money to buy medical equipment for the children's wards at Cypriot hospitals.

St. Joseph's convent also has a charity shop. I think they're open Saturdays 10-noon.

gcyprus 1306253534

hi, if you have any clothes and shoes for a donation please contact me at 99561596

Eliane-Cardoso-969721 1599051861

Hi. There is a Nicosia Mercy Centre.  URL

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