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Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people.  Can anyone recommend a decent online dating site for Cyprus?  I haven't been impressed with the ones Google has turned up.  Thanks! Tara.


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Hi Tara hae you tried baddoo on facebook its free, unfortunatly most websites have men that are only after 1 thing , my friend belongs to many and she has met some nice guys ,just make sure you meet in a public place and to you get to know him.

Good Luck


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there was an article in the Cyprus Sunday Mail on this yesterday with contact info. it was quick date or whatever you call it in a very nice place


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Dear Tara Lee

As new comer in cyprus 4 years ago i had the same problem.My advice is Badoo .com or tagged .com or on facebook which is more popular.These websites i advise you and in case you meet someone get to know him well and meet him only in public place.That was the advice of the previous reply so i support it as well.In case you want more advice you can email me at .thanks and good luck

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I love Cyprus, I visited Limassol last summer and faced with the same issue

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There are a lot of dating sites now. But I liked free chat with sexy girls, where I met my girlfriend. I didn't think casual correspondence would lead to a date and a strong relationship. We've been together for six months.

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A very interesting topic. Communication saves a lot from loneliness.

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