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Hello everyone, I am a recently divorced 55 year old lady looking to meet new people.  Can anyone recommend a decent online dating site for Cyprus?  I haven't been impressed with the ones Google has turned up.  Thanks! Tara.


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Hi Tara hae you tried baddoo on facebook its free, unfortunatly most websites have men that are only after 1 thing , my friend belongs to many and she has met some nice guys ,just make sure you meet in a public place and to you get to know him.

Good Luck


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there was an article in the Cyprus Sunday Mail on this yesterday with contact info. it was quick date or whatever you call it in a very nice place


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Dear Tara Lee

As new comer in cyprus 4 years ago i had the same problem.My advice is Badoo .com or tagged .com or on facebook which is more popular.These websites i advise you and in case you meet someone get to know him well and meet him only in public place.That was the advice of the previous reply so i support it as well.In case you want more advice you can email me at .thanks and good luck

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I love Cyprus, I visited Limassol last summer and faced with the same issue

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A very interesting topic. Communication saves a lot from loneliness.

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interesting how nobody mention tinder, or okcupid (the most popular in uk?), you are always safer to first chat online never give hone number, if you feel he  is ok only then give hone number and then meet in very public space and maybe bring a friend of yours witth you for added company and safety. If he has no bad intentions he wont mind the extra person.

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