SBA employees returning to Cyprus from UK - query re Covid19

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HiWe are UK citizens employed as civilians attached to the UK military, currently living and working in UK Sovereign Base Area (SBA) territory. We are hoping to return to the UK to visit friends and family. We do not anticipate any issues in travelling to the UK, but as things stand the return journey could potentially be problematic.The UK is about to be reclassified as a Category B country, which still requires that new arrivals are required to present a negative Covid-19 test certificate not older than 72 hours from a recognised laboratory. I note that Cypriot nationals, and ‘permanent residents’, can take their test upon arrival in Cyprus. Bearing in mind our circumstances as stated above, would anyone be able to advise me regarding the following:(a) For the purposes of the RoC coronavirus regulations, do the SBAs count as part of the Republic?(b) Could anyone confirm what documentary proof of permanent residence is required by the Cypriot authorities? Would a letter from our employers be sufficient?Many thanks in anticipation.


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