School Bullying and Domestic Violence

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Hi there, Have your children ever been exposed to bullying at school? Do you know of people who have been exposed to domestic violence?  We are thinking of opening a self-defense school in Limassol so as to assist children and victims of all ages who have been exposed to such violence on how to deal with the situation at hand through initial non contact de-escalation techniques and using self -defence as a last resort before reporting incidents to the authorities and pressue groups.  Do you think that there will be an interest for such a school to operate?  Thanks.    


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Non-contact de-escalation techniques, fine. But I personally believe that reporting abuse to the authorities and  employing the help of the existing support groups should come before any idea of using physical self-defence techniques.

I think anyone who has reached that stage has already gone too far, suffered too much.


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I totally agree with you.....that is why we emphasize the non contact de-escalation techniques as to say NO TO VIOLENCE! 

But imagine this: your child is being bullied and beaten up at school....should your child not be in the position to at least physically defend him / herself somehow and then report it to the teachers and parents immediately after the contact phase......this way the child may minimise the physical damage that he / she may sustain or even make the bully think twice who may even walk away.....bullies at school usually pick on the weak ones as they believe that they have the upper hand......but with self defense the child not only learns the physical and non physical self defence mechanisms so as to de-escalate situations but also develops self esteem and confidence as well as being more alert of his / her environment, thus assessing, analysing and avoiding dangerous situations even outside school......and the child will only use self defense as a last resort so as to restrain the attacker, thus providing the child with time to escape and report the incident.....

The same applies within a domestic violent situation or even in any violent situation......if you stay and get beatenup  the damage may be escalated to an extent whereby your physical wellbing and condition may be cripled...and that's not to mention the emotional distress etc......but knowing how to de-escalate a situation verbally may avoid the attack in being escalated.......usually bullies and attackers begin by searching for a "weaker vicitm" than they are (gender, size, etc) with the initial eye contact yaking place (phase 1), then it gets verbal (phase 2)......these are the 2 stages where the de-escalation techniques take place......if the attacker enters your personal space (phase 3) you still have time and possibility to de-escalate the situation and leave unharmed......however, if the attacker proceeds to phase 4 and physically attacks you should you not be in the position to physically defend yourself, restrain the attacker, which again will not only provide you with time to escape and report the incident to the authorities but also let the attacker know that you can handle a given situtation and are not willing to be victimized anymore......this will also develop your confidence and self esteem, make you more alert of dangeropus situations and be in the position to manage such situations to a large extent......




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There has long been a problem with school bullying and domestic violence. I often talk to my children about it and we read essays about it together on a useful source because it is important that children know that violence is a problem that should be solved immediately and it is impossible to remain silent about it. This is a very pressing issue and all parents should talk to their children about it.

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