Setting up a Website purely for Private Home Sellers

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Like many other ex-pats, we are trying to sell our house in Paphos.  With most estate agents charging 5% +vat (outrageous!), perhaps we need to look to another way of selling.  To this end, we  were wondering if it would be feasible to set up a web-site solely for ex-pats who want to sell their homes, preferably one that would come high up on a search. Unfortunately, we are not computer savvy and have no idea how to get this going.  Would you be interested in joining up with other ex-pats to achieve this and do you have the expertise to help get it up and running? or 96797661/99936115

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shortie-665693 1397762366

Hi I think its a fantastic idea, yes i would be happy to advertise my home on it......sadly i dont have the know how.

pepkeoleon 1398065219

Good idea why dont you approach the Anglo info operators and ask them to set a Paid advertising section for PROPERTY in Cyprusand it already has all the links you need??...

Graham S 1398076783

The problem with that, pepkeoleon, is that you really need a separate and independent domain name. Loretta, it's not hard or expensive to do (though some people would have you believe it is and try to charge you an arm and a leg!)  Unfortunately I don't have the time to do it for you, but there will be plenty of people around who can. It shouldn't be hard to find someone in Paphos; try asking various ppeople - bars, clubs, organisations - who does their websites and you'll soon find someone who can help.

Loretta Kinnon 1398079342

Thanks for that, Graham, I'll do what you suggest.   

MiaBs 1398251017


go to

it is a website already running for owners to sell their own property, (as well as cars, bikes etc).

good luck

Loretta Kinnon 1398362483

Thanks MiaBs.  I have looked at the website you suggest.  Unfortunately it is a commercially-run website which it costs quite a lot to advertise on.  I was hoping to we join up with other ex-pat home-owners to set up a sort of co-operative website whereby we all shared  the setting up and running costs .  

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